10 Easy steps to make newspaper photo frame.


Easy steps to make newspaper photo frame

Here are 10 easy step to make newspaper photo frame. To make easy home decor and manage newspaper waste.

Step 1

Take a big page of old newspaper and divide it in half. Now take a dowel or a broom stick to roll the paper up into a tube.
Using glue stick the end of newspaper to the rolled newspaper so that it doesn’t come apart.

newspaper folding

Step 2

Make 12 such rolls these will be sufficient for all four sides of photo frame, 3 each side. Press them to form strips.

paper folding

Step 3

Color these newspaper strips together using color spray. You can color all the strips same or else you can color them using different colors.

paper color

Step 4

Take a cardboard and cut a piece of it into a rectangle.This will be the size of your frame.
Depending upon the size of your picture, it should be few inches bigger then the your picture.

cardboard cutting

Step 5

Cut another rectangle out of the middle of the cardboard:
The size of rectangle should be slightly smaller than the photo.

Step 6

Paste the strips together in the pair of 3 on the each side of the cardboard.

stick strips

Step 7

Make the back of the photo frame.Therefore, cut a rectangle out of another piece of cardboard. This rectangle should be slightly smaller than the whole frame, so that it easily covers the center of the frame.

Step 8

Glue this rectangle to the back of the frame. Attach it firmly and smoothly on the three sides, but make sure to leave one side open (upper side) so that you can slide the picture in it.

cardboard frame

Step 9

Slide the picture in the frame. Attach a ribbon on the back side of the frame to make a wall hanging or else stick a another piece of small piece of cardboard on the back to make a photo frame stand.

cardboard stand

Step 10

Decorate the frame with handmade flowers, button, glitter, simmer,foam etc.

photo frame

Today’s Newspaper is tomorrow’s waste paper!! – A very famous and well known saying! But now, our creative minds are to be awakened to make the ‘Best out of this Waste Newspaper