13 ways to use broken Crayons!!


13 Ways to use broken Crayons.

Every house has lots of broken old crayons left over in boxes, drawers, buckets etc. Do you feel to throw these unused and broken crayons? Don’t you wonder how can we alter their use?

So, here are 13 exciting ways to use your broken crayons and have fun with them.

  1. Chunky Crayons

Get out your crayons and or chop them into pieces.

Then take a muffin tray and spray cooking oil in it. Place your broken crayons in the tin. You can put similar colors together like all red in one pot or else you can mix and put random colors together .

chunky crayons
chunky crayons
  1. chunky crayons

    2.Rainbow melt art

Pick out your favorite colors to make your adorable rainbow.

Place them on white sheet of paper hence stick them on the sheet.

melt crayons painting

Use a hair dryer and blow hot air on these crayons. Do this till 60-70sec and see the magic of colors!blow dryer method

melted crayon apinting

  1. Ingredient for lip-gloss

Pick the colors you want from your broken crayons. Try using non toxic crayons with paper removed.

Chop the crayons so that it can be melted easily. Now take a dish place your crayons pieces and put 2 tsp of coconut oil in bowl.

coconut oil and crayons
melt coconut oil and crayons

Furthermore, take a pan and add water .Place the dish in this pan and start heating.  As the water starts boiling crayons and coconut oil start to melt.

Carefully remove your dish from the pan and pour it into lip gloss container. Place in freezer for about 2 mins to cool down.

crayons lip-glosssss
  1. crayon lip-gloss
crayon lip-gloss

 4. Crayon candles

Use crayons to make beautiful candles. Take wax in a mold and add small pieces of crayons. Place candle wick in the mold.

crayon candles

Thereafter heat them together either in microwave or by using blow dryer.

  1. crayon candles
    Crayons Candles
    Crayon candles

    5.Recycled crayons alphabets

Take alphabet mold and put all the old crayons with the wrappers peeled off. Place this mold tray on the baking sheet .

Now place the tray in the microwave and melt crayons for 15 mins. After the crayons get melted take them out and cool them down. Freeze them for 30 mins so the crayons get harden faster.

  1. crayon alphabet

    6.Melted crayon painting

Hey guys are you board of scrubbing crayons on your drawing? Here is one unique and exciting way to use your crayons for coloring.

Melt the crayons with the help of candle and put them on the drawing and make dots from melted crayons. Repeat this in the same manner and color your drawing in a different way.

melting crayons
melting crayon painting

7. Craved Crayons

Use good size crayons and using thermacol cutter or blades and crave them into desirable features.

carving crayons
  1. Crayon heart pencil top

Use heart shape candy mold .Put small pieces of crayons and melt them in oven. Place pencil stick pop in the melted crayon.

Melt some more crayons and add again in the mold. Let it cool and settle down. Your fun pencil top is ready!!!!

Crayon Pencil top
crayon pencil top

9.Crayon Frame

Add crayons to your pictures and make colorful picture frame .

Take a sheet of cardboard and cut in into your desirable shape to make the base of your photo frame.

Stick your broken crayons on the sheet and add uniqueness to your picture memory.

  1. crayon photo-frame

    10.A crayon wrapped dish

Use crayon dish and add colors to your dish.

Take a glass bowl and with the help of hot glue, stick crayons randomly or steadily on the glass bowl. Use and enjoy this as table-setting.

  1. crayon dish


Choose the letter you want to monogram and print it on the sheet, designed to fit your frame.

Decide the color of crayons and break the crayons in the appropriate places to fit in your letter. Lay out the crayons in the sheet and stick them with the help of glue.

  1. crayon monogram

    12.Wax paper lantern

Use wax paper and sprinkle shaved crayons on it. Melt the crayons from the other side of wax paper. Now make a box using ice-cream sticks and crayon painted wax paper

Thereafter place a LED inside the box and have fun with wax paper lantern.

  1. lantern-light

     13.Wall hanging

Cut a round cardboard and stick crayons in the shape of circle. Attach a ribbon behind the cardboard so that it can be hanged properly. Hence decorate your wall with crayon wall hanging.

wall hanging