18+ Button Bracelet ideas


18+ Button Bracelet ideas

Nice and easy beaded bracelet with button clasp. Very inexpensive way to make your own bracelet! You only need to know square knot.

You can use any button you want.  I especially enjoy using artisan buttons or vintage glass buttons.

So here are some amazing bead button bracelets

Simple Button Bracelet

Simple bead bracelets require very low investment of few button and silk thread. Follow these three  simple step:

What all you need for this simple button bracelet is ; few buttons of different size and a thick silk thread.

Take the silk thread and double it to make a loop.

Now sew the button with the help of needle and thread.

And here, you go!

button bracelet idea

Elastic Button Bracelets.

Gather your spare buttons. Select the ones that you think will make a nice bracelet. This may be by color, by sizes, by shape, etc., or a combination of these. Planning the layout is half the fun.

Now, take a thick elastic band.

Attach the buttons to the elastic band using needle and colourful thread as shown in the figure.

button bracelet idea

Rainbow Button Bracelets

Rainbow Button Bracelet need some VIBGYOR collection of buttons and small beads.

Also, you need good quality of metal chain and metal hinges.

How to make resemble these thing to make a bracelet ?

Well it is very easy!

Use the holes in the button and put a metal hinge in them.

Close these metal hinges by inserting the chain in it.

You can also attach small plastic beads with the chain like the buttons.

button bracelet idea

Clasp Button Bracelet

Select the buttons: For this piece, choose a very eclectic mixture of your finest, most fun and funkiest buttons.

Thread the needleSew a clasp finding onto the thread first. Tie a knot either side to keep it in place

Pull the needle through the first button, up through one hole, then down the next. It should sit firmly in place next to the clasp finding.

Check the fit now and then. When you reach the end, be sure to leave enough thread in place for finishing with the other part of the clasp finding. Stitch it on and the bracelet is complete

button bracelet idea

Bunch Button Bracelet

This is just amazing because Bunch button bracelet look very classy and at the same time very funky.

This is very easy to make

All you need is different kinds and sizes of buttons .

Attach these buttons to big hinges.

Hence, now insert these hinges in the chain of bracelet.


button bracelet idea

Vintage Button Bracelet

Collect the Buttons of same size .

With the help of needle and elastic thread insert the buttons in the thread one by one .

See the size of of your and and cut the elastic thread accordingly.

button bracelet idea

Double Button  Bracelet

To make the bracelet you will need elastic thread.

Once you have chosen your buttons you can start to put the buttons on your elastic thread.

When you are done with the buttons.Cut the thread with scissors.

And do three nodes so the bracelet won’t break.


Heart Button Bracelet

This type of bracelets look royal and are easy to wear and handle.

You need a synthetic thread and some beads similar to the colour that of your button.

Take a needle and insert the heart shaped button in it.

Now insert the beads ,both side of the button.

Tie the thread as shown in the figure.

button bracelet idea

One Button Bracelet

Fix a button with a thick cotton thread with the help of needle.

check the size of your hand and accordingly tie a knot.

Hence your One Button Bracelet is ready!


button bracelet idea

Strip Button Bracelet.

As the name suggest you can make this simple bracelet using a simple strip and a button.

Attach a button on one side of the strip.

Keep the strip that long , so that you can rape it twice on your wrist.

Make a small cut so as to insert button in it and secure your bracelet.

button bracelet idea


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