18 best DIY paper cup craft ideas


How would you like to reuse the used paper cups from your previous night’s party to  make  some beautiful crafts paper cups. Here are 18 cool papercup crafts you can make at home. With the summer vacations round the corner, these are the best crafts you can engage your kids in.

1. twilight lamp.

Here is a beautiful twilight lamp you can make by painting the paper cup with a dark colour and etching some patterns on it with a sharp object. Place a LED tealight candle inside the paper cup and hang it on your plants  to add a romantic touch to your garden.
18 best DIY paper cup craft ideas 20

2. Paper cup crown.

Cut the paper cup into various paterns and insert a hairband through it to create this cute paper cup crown. Isnt it pretty? 


3. Paper cup garland.

When you are having a lot of used paper cups at disposal, this is the best thing to do. Add a splash of colour to your wall with this cool paper cup garland.



4. Paper cup Gift holder.

Here is a unique way you can present your party guests with some goodies or return gifts. All you need is some colorful papercups to make these lovely gift holders.


5.  Traditional paper cup lamp.

Deckup your home in the festive season  with these easy to make traditional lamps.


6. Papercup basket.

Convert the paper cup into a cute little basket with a few easy cuts. Add a hint of life with some leaves or flowers and there you have a lovely little basket to decorate your study table or counter tops.


7. Paper cup toran.

Decorate you home with this traditional toran during the diwali season. Cut the leaves out from the paper cup and embellish it with some sequins and gold ribbon to make this awesome hanging toran.


8. Two-tone lantern

Add charm to your windows with these two-tone paper cup lanterns.



9. paper cup indoor garden

Create a little ecosystem in your home with this paper cup indoor planter idea. Fill the papercup with some soil and grow some grass in it. Insert a gried stem to get a look of a dried tree in the cup. Wrap the paper cup with a page from an old book. There you have a little mystical garden on your table.


10. Paper cup wind chimes

Convert a paper cup into a lovely wind chime by adding some strings and beeds. Paint some flowers on the cup and add a string on the base to create a wind chime. Hang it by the window and enjoy as the paper cup sways along with the wind.


11. Paper cup string light

Use paper cups to uplift your boaring stringlights into a contemporary designer lights. All you need to do is to cut a cross at the bottom of the cup and insert the bulb from the string light into the paper cup.


12. Paper cup wreath

Sew the paper cups with a  twine to make this elegant wreath. Embellish it with a matching bow or ribbon to make it look more elegant.



13. Corner lamp

Add a magical look to your room with this easy to make paper cup corner lamp .


14.  Paper cup Giftbox 

Here is another way to make giftboxes out of paper cups. Add a ombre thread to hold the box together for a more attractive look.



15. paper cup flowers

make these beautiful flowers with a few simple cuts and folds on a paper cup. You can make multiple such flowers and use them a walldecals.

16. Paper cup planters

Use paper cups as planters to grow succulents indoor. You can grow a beautiful indoor garden of cactus and succulents in paper cup planters .



17. Birthday Crown

Cut the paper cups into tiny crowns for your kids birthday party.



18. Paper cup chairs

I have kelp the most beautiful one fo the last. Convert your paper cups into  lovely miniature furniture set. This however requires some amount of expertise in paper cutting and loads of patience. But, isnt the outcome rewarding?


So why wait. Puton your green caps. Make sure you dont throw away the paper cups fom your party. Preserve them and convert them into beautiful masterpieces.

happy crafting!!

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