7 creative ways to make mobile cases


7 creative ways to make mobile cases

As we all know mobile has become essential in everyone’s life. We all wants t be trendy by keeping our mobile very classy. Buying simple cover from markets is so expensive why not try making fancy cover with homemade things under investing least.

Here are some awesome tricks to make some fancy mobile covers.

1.With funky tapes/paper

Take a transparent mobile case

Cut funky tape/paper wrapper 2cm longer than the total width of the case.

Stick it in any pattern on the back of the mobile case in any way you like (diagonal, linear, random- all is in). Let the extra end hang out.

Now turn the case around and stick the extra end on the inner edges of the case to cover the sides.

mobile case

2.Pouch Cover with tie

Take an old tie cut the tie 12 and half inches down from the neck

Fold the top half down and sew it along the line.

Sow the fabric hook and loop fastener in the middle and on the tip of the tie.

Fold it upto 4 inches and then sow the sides to make a pouch.

mobile case

3.Glitter cover case

Clean up the case using alcohol.

Brush fevicol on your case.

Sprinkle glitter all over it. (You can use 2 or more glitters or make patterns. Basically give wings to your shiny imagination).Remove the excess glitter.

Finally, spray with glaze to keep the glitter intact.

mobile case

4.Tattoo style

Just put your selected tattoo/sticker on the mobile case.

Press a wet towel/tissue for 30 seconds and then remove.

Secure it with micromist spray.

This is how easy it is to escalate your phone’s look from boring to bright!

mobile case

5.Use nail paint

Divide the case into 3 parts by using nail paint.

Paint white nail paint on the make-up sponge and then apply the lightest shade of nail paint.

Dab it on the 1st area of the mobile case. Then dab the second shade of nail paint on your make-up case.Apply it in the 2nd area of the case. Now dab a mixture of these 2 colours and fill in the meeting of the 2 shades on your case.

Similarly, paint the 2nd and 3rd area of the mobile case and merge the colour.

Finally, brush it off to remove any fibre from the make-up sponge.

mobile case