9 cutest felt crafts for dog lovers


9 cutest and pretty ideas for dog lovers from the felt which give awesome looks to your home and you can also gift them to your friends who love dogs. for all below crafts, you need felt fabric in different colors and some sewing tips.


Hearty dog craft

Add this dog brooch to your pillow or dress of your little girl will be looked so attractive and cute with this brooch.

Felt craft - 1
Felt craft – 1

 Felt dog bone – Xmas ornament

Why we don’t show our love to our dog pets on Xmas. Let’s make some dearest craft for their unconditional love towards us.

Felt craft -2
Felt craft -2

Adorable felt dogs

Very much neatness and gracefulness in this crafty dogs. A perfect color combination,I must say.

Felt craft - 3
Felt craft – 3

Sweet dog key-chain 

Small and sweet felt key-chain craft which give a pretty looks to your vehicle.

Felt craft -4
Felt craft -4

Felt puppies

little and darling felt crafty puppies for your kids. Let’s play with felt.

Felt craft - 5
Felt craft – 5

Dog paw ornaments

We just need two perfect color combination of felt and you can make this ornaments without sewing, just by gluing. Cut shapes and just Glue them.

Felt craft - 6
Felt craft – 6

Puppy Finger puppets

Make some fun with your kiddo by making these adorable puppy finger puppets.

Felt craft - 7
Felt craft – 7

Jute and felt Jar cover

creative puppy and cat jar cover for your kitchen using jute and felt. First make brooch of felt and then sew/glue it on jute cover.

Felt craft - 8
Felt craft – 8

Cozy phone case

Not only phone case but there’s space for your earphone also. Cozy and puppy phone case from the felt.

Felt craft – 9

Enjoy sewing as your next DIY projects with these 9 different craft ideas which show your love to your puppy and dog.