A Guide on making Full Use of Your Basement


A Guide on making Full Use of Your Basement

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Most basements are used for storage, where unwanted things and unused appliances accumulating cobwebs and dust can be found. They usually just sit there, unnoticed and unutilized. It’s time to make a change.

Basements are useful spaces that can benefit you more if you know how to turn it into something more useful than a stockroom. Of course, it’s not easy. Nothing that is worth it ever is. But it is achievable, and the reward that awaits is a good return of investment for the money, effort, and time you need to put in to make this work.

Here is a guide to make full use of your basement.

Turn it into a Spare Bedroom

If you are someone who receives several guests a year, it is often a dilemma where to put them when they all visit at the same time. Instead of extending your house to accommodate another guest room, you can simply turn your unused basement into a spare bedroom.

Choose the layout that will suit you best, as this will help you maximize space. The color of the walls can also be essential in the kind of lighting you will use. Pick the brighter shades to give off a cheerful glow, or pastel hues to give the room a relaxing, homey feel.

Transform it into a Library

If you are a bookworm, this idea is particularly appealing. The basement is generally isolated from the other areas of the house, making it the perfect place to retreat when you need solitude and privacy for reading.

You can build shelves along the walls, put a reading table near the egress window where natural light can get in, and add a sofa than can function as a bed for good measure. It is also important to opt for lamps or light bulbs that are suitable for reading.

Set Up Your Own Home Office

After abandoning traditional jobs in favour of a more flexible work that allows you to stay at home, setting up your own office is a great way to make use of your idle basement. Start hauling those boxes out and clean up.

A desk, a computer table, a swivel and, a filing cabinet are good enough. But it is no reason to simply stop there. You can add additional fixtures like a receiving area where you can serve refreshments for visitors, with a comfortable chaise longue for your quick nap.

Use it as an Entertainment Room

A living room is where you receive most visitors, but if you are into recreational activities such as watching movies or playing video games, then it is time to make your own entertainment room. One of the best places to set it up is in the basement.

You can set up a huge plasma TV, add a billiard table, and even a mini bar. You can even be as loud as you want inside without disturbing the rest of the house.

All those suggestions are quite achievable with enough budget and inspiration. Supplementary fixtures like the bathroom can also be added in any of the basement functions. A macerating toilet and a well-designed sink are enough to make it functional. The macerating toilet can cost more than normal toilets, but it is less costly than overhauling the whole drainage system. It is also ideal for bathrooms located in the basement.

There are several concerns in basements. For one, it is where the plumbing fittings and electric box are located. It is advisable to make sure the wirings and other fixtures are in perfect condition to avoid accidents. Moisture problem is also common in basements, so it will be a good idea to address this by adding new panels that will keep the cold at bay.



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