Art and Design


Creativity with art and craft is visual amalgam.

It involves the imagination that is encrypted either on a sheet of paper or on a solid mass.Hence art and design gives best outcome for waste management.

So craft various eye catchy stuff from waste and be environment freak.

Creating Extraordinarily

Emphasizes on making new and extraordinary design and art .Create innovation with engineering.

We not only work on our e-waste but also bring innovative ideas for it’s management. Our believe is in creating best out of waste .

Also, providing awesome craftsmanship using e-waste.
Hence, we choose in  putting concentrated effort with a slight  imagination to get best out of waste. Art and creativity is one of our basic strategy to arrange e-waste.


We blend art and engineering to manage waste in its best possible way. Here are some examples of such creative art and design.

1. Firstly, charcoal painting of lord Ganesha is a blend of engineering and art .Signifies simplicity and innovation.

As a result charcoal paintings are best used as wall hangings, gifts or else for visual attraction for home.

Charcoal art

2. Similarly, metal embossing is another eye catchy material abstract from metallic e-waste management.
Therefore , left out metallic waste is engraved in a beautiful design. Usually Aluminium sheets are used to make such designs.Hence , make beautiful wall hanging from unused metal.

metal embossing
Metal Embossing
Source: Pinterest

3. Plastic water bottles is the basic waste. Therefore it is discarded in surrounding without any proper waste management. But guess what!These bottles can be an attractive  piece of art for your home decor.

Hence, rather then wasting them try and make vase and jewellery holder from unused water bottles.  

Flower pot
Source: Pinterest


4.  Foam sheets comes with every electronic items. So how to get rid of these sheets? Have you ever thought making attractive flower with them .These are long lasting. Hence, use these foam flower for pot and vase or even plastic bottle art.

Foam art and craft
source : pinterest
pot with foam flowers
History: pinterest
source: diy

5. Sticky notes
Sticky notes are themselves very attractive.Try making small flower, leaves ,cartoons etc. with them .Hence these give uniqueness to your cards,handmade etc.

Sticky notes flowers
sticky notes flower