Hey! Bead lovers ! Here are something which will mesmerize you. Lets see some amazing  collection of  best bead weaving patterns. These bead patterns and projects are simple and quick to make, easy to bead, easy to understand, teach a variety of bead-work stitches and beading techniques.

Here are 32+ amazing ideas to make bead bracelets for your dear friends.

  1. Simple Bead Bracelets

We can use small beads of about 0.5 mm radius to make these simple bead bracelets. Follow these three simple steps to make this amazing bead bracelet.

  • Take cotton thread and insert the thread in the sewing needle. This is the basic step followed to make any type of bead bracelets.
  • Start poring the beads in the thread with the help of sewing needle. Hence make a long chain of beads.
  • To secure your bracelet use hooks. attach ‘S’hook to connect both the sides of bracelets
bead bracelet

2.Crystal Bead Bracelets

Crystal bead bracelet are mesmerizing and beautiful. We can make these bracelets by following steps :

1.Select the gemstone beads you need based on what kind of help or healing you need.

2. Measure out a piece of stretch cord by wrapping around your wrist 2 times.

3. Cut it out.

4. Make sure your beads have big enough holes so that the stretch cord can pass through it.

5. Add enough beads so that the bracelet is long enough to fit your wrist loosely.

6. Tie a knot (see video below), and cut excess cord off.

Crystal bead bracelets

3.  Criss-Cross Bracelets

Messy and Criss Cross Bracelets are the most beautiful. You can make this beautiful bracelet with these following step:

  • Make four rows of thread which is has three sub divisions.
  • you can insert beads in each sub-division as shown in the figure.
  • Follow the criss cross step as show in the figure
  • Hence to secure your bracelet attach the lobster claw.


  • bead bracelet

4.Braid Bead Bracelet

Braid Bracelets are easy to make and elegant in look. So let  us see the steps to make this braid bracelet.

  • Use Hemp and beads to make braid bead  bracelets.
  • Fix one side of the with paper clip
  • Now make braid as shown in the figure , also insert the beads as shown.
  • Hence, attach hooks to secure the bracelet.
bead bracelet

5.Name- Bead Bracelets

This name is quit confusing yet at the same time it is easy to make.You can use alphabet beads to make this Name Bead Bracelets.

Hence, follow these steps to make Name – Bead Bracelets

  • Make braid with the black hemp.
  • Attach the alphabet according to your name as shown in the figure.
  • Now roll the hemp in the bead.


bead bracelet

6. String Bead Bracelets

String Bead Bracelets are bulky and very classy. We can make this amazing bead bracelets by missing the colourful beads.

  • Here are  amazing steps to make string bead bracelets.
  • Take cotton thread and insert beads in the thread.
  • Use different colours of beads and make 20-30 such strings
  • Hence attach these string to collective hook and secure your bracelet with it.


bead bracelet

7.Cotton Thread Bracelets

This very simple and easy to create. Follow these two steps to make this amazing cotton bracelets

  • Fix the thread with the paper clip
  • Make braid nots with the multiple colour of threads.
  • Hence your cotton thread bracelet is ready.
bead bracelet


bead bracelet

8.Golden Bead Bracelets

Small golden beads can be used to make this homemade bracelets.

  • Tie a knot of simple cotton thread and make two sub divisions of it
  • Now insert golden beads in the thread as shown in the figure.
  • Hence, make a crossing double knot to secure the bead bracelet in the hand


bead bracelet

9.Round Bead Bracelets

Round Bead Bracelets are very royal and ethnic in look. Make this amazing bead bracelet with these following step:

  •  Use plastic round tube to make this bracelet
  • You also need a thread and sewing needle .
  • Insert the beads by missing the colour of beads and sew it with the plastic tube as shown in the figure .
  • Hence add hooks on both the sides of bracelets.


bead bracelet

10. Mix 2-3  bead bracelets

You can make two three bead bracelets and connect them with a ring.

Follow the simple steps shown in the figure to make this amazing mix 2-3 bead bracelet

bead bracelet

11. Ladder Bead Bracelet

 Ladder Bead Bracelet

Ladder Bead Bracelet  is often used as a base for other stitches but this bracelet project brings it front and center. It is a simple and durable stitch all on its own.

This project demonstrates how to make links using ladder stitch and connect them with jump rings into a fabulous bracelet.



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