Diwali 2013 is nearer and  people have been preparing  for this greatest moments of year. After sharing awesome Diwali Card Ideas,I am here for some tips and tricks related to Diwali decoration ideas. Diwali is all about decoration then let’s do some different than others. In Diwali, we mostly clean our house and also get many waste things, Let’s make a best things from these outward waste things.

Diwali Decoration Ideas 2013

Here is the list of some cool and awesome Diwali decoration ideas which will decorate your home or office with the lots of lights. These are easy to implement and create along with the children. Their creativity will increase.

 Decorate Diwali Bulb-Chain Using Paper Bubble

Decorate Diwali Bulb-Chain Using Paper Bubble

Step by step procedure given in the above image. and also final bulb-chain which is ready for house-decoration. Your house’s outer and inner wall will be beautiful and different from the other’s using this craft. Please be careful while choosing paper’s thickness. paper must be thin otherwise inner bulb’s light can’t visualize.

 Diwali-lamp Series decoration using Old paper-cups



Here,we require two-sized paper-cups.Bigger cups for cutting and smaller size for inner design of flower and finally punch in middle of cup and set craft on series.

 Diwali Lamp From Plastic Bottle



Here, beautiful multicolored flower craft require plastic bottle, scissors, gum and colored thread. Process to create this craft is very simple. complete method to create this awesome diwali decoration idea is as given in picture.Here I’ve used a candle as a light-source, you may also change it. Put this lamp between Rangoli and make them more brighter.


Candle Decoration Using Dry-Leaf


 You require a very basic things to create this awesome diwali decoration ideas. Things are nothing but candle,glue and simple waste leaves. Rollover the glue on candle and paste leaves on it. you can make it tight with the help of spoon.

At a first eyesight, no-one  believe on above crafts, but try out it, it’s working. A very  winsome candle from dry leaves.

 Twinkling Glass lamp using Globule



This is one of the best diwali decorations Idea to implement on this Diwali 2013. Stick globule on waste compact disk (cd). Make a circle over and over so finally get a craft which is looked like a pen-stand. Then after put a diwali lamp between the circle and let it twinkle.

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Make a Chocolate Dish from Paper


A very delightful try ready from only thick paper. Procedural steps are very clear in image. This tray is more attractive for a children. You can put the children’s chocolate in this awesome craft to show the creativity.


Chocolate Flowers for Children


In above idea, we made a children’s chocolate try, let’s make some more things for a children. here, we give a very different look to chocolate. subsequently , A very trivial chocolate become a captivating chocolate-flowers.

Star Chocolate Cover using Variegated Papers


Let’s make a origami star, and put a small chocolate into star while making. we also use this craft as a Children room decoration. Also make a festoon from the big star. so this craft  has a multiple use

Hope you will be happy with the list of the Diwali Decoration Ideas. Feel free to share this awesome ideas with your friends and help them to show their creativity.