Easy crafts for kids can keep them occupied and be great fun for them as well.

As far as I’m concerned, I love to keep my kids and all others around me occupied in pursuits like these inspite of the little effort it takes to put together all the things they will need to create little knick-knacks.

Because I hate kids glued to the television, slouching in front of their game consoles or wasting time over social networking sites aimlessly.

Here are a few easy crafts for kids:

  • Melted Crayons Craft

Now, this is something even a 3-4 year old will enjoy and be able to make manage with a little help from you.

Tie some crayons on top of a canvas. You could use glue or tie them up firmly using threads or common pins.


Once that has been done, simply blow a dryer over them on full heat till the crayons melt and begin to bleed.

I thought I would get better results if I took the tape off before you fix them on the canvas. But I was wrong and I got a complete mess when I tried that. So, PLEASE don’t make that mistake and keep the wrappers on!


The picture here shows a craft created out of rainbow colors. You could use a particular color scheme to go with the décor of the room where you intend to put it up.

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  • Poured Paint Craft

Here is yet another easy craft for kids which does not require too much effort to create. The mess later requires some cleaning but what you get is well worth the effort. So, I have no regrets at all with trying that out. Smile

Take some paints which flow easily and earthen pots. Create delightful patterns by pouring or dumping paint over them after placing the pot upside down on a stable base. I used empty tins for doing so.



As you can see, even the messiest of patterns look WOW!!!




But if you take a little care, you can create great designs. As you can see in the pictures below:

  • Ribbons and Prints Frame

Glue together some ribbons, Japanese Washi tapes and scrapbook papers to create a fabulous looking photo frame.




Just stick on the materials mentioned above to a plain wooden frame (use an old frame to save on costs- another best out of waste idea from us!) to create this eye catching design.

Here is the YouTube video tutorial to make things even easier for you. Just watch it and follow the step-by-step instructions.

I am sure kids will love working with the various tapes and also love the finished product!

  • Easy Wall Craft Using Buttons

Have you ever used simple, plain colored buttons to create an amazing craft for your walls?

If not, here is a wonderful easy craft for kids which you’d want to try out as well!



Here, we show you a wall hanging created by spelling ‘LOVE’ with buttons. You can, of course, choose words of your choice- you could write your kids’ names. for instance.

As you can see, the buttons have not been fixed there on the fabric with glue. Though that is the easier way out, stitching them on using the good old thread and needle gives better and neater results. After sewing the buttons on to the fabric, the piece of fabric is glued to a canvas which is then joined to a sturdy wood back. If you keep each of the fabrics approximately 5”x7” in size, you will get a wall hanging , measuring 10”x14”.

If your kids are old enough to be able to manage the buttons themselves, they will love doing this for their room.


If you have any more wonderful ideas for easy crafts ideas for kids, write to us in the comments below and share your wonderful experiences with us!