Projects are the part of study now a days. Every school kids are suggested to create some thing new and some thing innovative during the regular session as well the during the vacation.

Most of the parents are looking for some innovative project ideas for kids so that they can create a best project for kids.

Innovative project ideas for kids from waste things

Here is the list of some project ideas.Hope you will love it.

1. Car from Balloon and waste bottle

It is a very simple idea to create awesome car with the help of balloon and plastic bottle.
Required Things: waste bottle,balloon,scissor,tape,hollow pipe.

First of all create a pair of wheels using the bottle caps. Create a hole in the middle of the caps and join them with a stick. Now pick up the plastic bottle and make a hole inside it. Make sure that hole size don’t exceed the diameter of hollow pipe. Now insert the pipe inside it and fixed it with tape. Now add balloon on the other side of the pipe. Then fixed the bottle horizontally on the wheels created with bottle caps. You plastic bottle car is ready.

Fill air in to balloon and fixed in to a bottle as shown in figure. As you will leave the one end of the pipe. Your car will run due to force of air in opposite direction.

 Calculator game for kids using waste playing cards

Its is very simple game for kids using the waste playing cards. You can easily create this game with the help of some simple steps.

waste playing cards game

Required Things : waste playing cards, marker pen, white paper sheet.

 This is a simple game to enhance the mathematical skills of a kids. Draw a boundary of cards with the help of crayon or marker. Now write a simple formula between two cards and write a solution on the other side. Keep the space for cards. You can easily create this simple mathematical model to teach simple maths to your kids.

Bags from Old  News Paper

Old news papers are easily available at every home. Simple you have to use it and create a some innovative out of that old and waste news papers.



Required Things : Scissor, Old News papers, ribbon, tape.

Collect some old newspaper and cut them from center. Now fold it from the center. Attach the two ends of the paper with the help of tape. Cut the small parts of ribbon in order to use it as handle of the bag. Take a pair of the ribbons and paste it on the front end of the bag so that your bag will be ready. You can use this simple bags as an innovative project ideas for kids.

Get more Best out of Waste ideas using waste Newspaper and Magazine.

Multi-Purpose Sticks 

Usually we throw the Popsicle stick after eating, But here is an idea to use it and make something new.


Required things : Popsicle sticks, glue, old spelling book,scissor.

It is a very simple method to convert waste candy sticks in to words sticks.  Collect some candy sticks. Cut the various alphabets from the old spelling book. Which usually contains the alphabet along with the image. Now paste that particular alphabet on the single candy stick.

Your words sticks are ready. Your child can play them for identification of words,identification of image and  Creating a spelling out of jumbled sticks. you can use it as multi-purpose sticks.

Roller using waste tin and wood

This is a simple method to create awesome Roller out of waste tin. We recommend the parents to help the children during cutting of wood.


Required things : Waste tins. wood, glue,needles, hammer, waste shoes box.

Create a simple box out of the waste box of shoes. Cut it as shown in the image. Now cut the wood in order to create front wheel support and upper part of the roller. Make a center hole between the tin and attach the both ends for support. It will be your rear wheel of roller. Now take two other tins to create rear wheels. Make a hole inside them with the help of needle and hammer. join them gently to create rear wheels.

your awesome roller is ready. You can use it at your school during the exhibition.

This was a list of the useful and best innovative project ideas for kids. hope you will like it. If you have any craft ideas to share with us then feel free to share with us. We will post it on best out of waste blog.


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