Best Out of Waste Tissue Roll Organizer



                 Nothing is a waste as long as you know how to make                   the best out of that waste!


Organizing your work place always makes it simple,easy and comfortable. How about organizing your stuff by adding on to the waste found at home!!?!! Today is the time for remodeling those used tissue rolls! Lets go ahead and check out the simple steps involved in making one of those beautiful tissue roll organizers!


1. Empty tissue rolls

2. Glue

3. Scissors

4. Poster/Acrylic colors


STEP 1: Pick up a few empty tissue rolls as per your requirement and make slots by cutting with a scissor as shown.


STEP 2: After making the slots in the roll, fix each one to the other as shown below so that they are firm and don’t  move away!


STEP 3: Fit as many as required and now you end up making a chain of rolls together as below!You may also keep them separate and use them individually.

  4 5

And now your creativity in decorating them! Paste colored papers, paint them, decorate them with embellishments (beads, stickers), all up to you!

In case you need a texture, glue the surface of the roll and paste tissue paper onto it randomly creating a texture. Allow it to dry and then paint. This gives a textured effect!

Now you are free to organize your stuff in these pretty Best out of waste Organizers!!