Best Out Of Waste Xmas Ideas


Xmas is all about decoration. Let’s complete all decoration for a Christmas with a waste things. Two advantage of this idea :: first one, decorate your house with very cheap things and other one , after  creation of craft your house is cleaned because all wastage things are already used in Xmas crafts 😉

First Idea : : Make a Snow Man Using Old Shocks

You will Need:


1) Collect all things which are needed for show-man

2) Cut a Socks from the middle

3) Bend a rubber on upper part of socks (Need at last as a show man cap)

4) In bottom part of sock,Half of part is filled  by cotton or ginned cotton

5) Tightly bend a rubber on cotton filled socks till middle part.

6) Second time fill cotton after 5th step(but this time less cotton use).

7) Using small button and thread, Make a nose and eyes of snow-man.

8) Make a simple muffler and decoration for show-man from old clothes piece.


  1. Vry nice and amazing way of creation best out of waste… waiting for something more attractive and incredible craft wrk

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