10 Best recycling ideas out of waste tyre


Recycling is a best topic for world environment.Go green with recycling day to day used things. Here is a top-10 recycling ideas  out of waste Tyre.  Use your cars or bicycles or Bikes Tyre in different ways in your life. So recycle your life with some Eco-friendly Tyre Crafts.

Recycling tyre on best out of waste
Recycling Tyre


1) Pet house made from waste Tyre

Recycle your car’s Tyre in some Eco-friendly way. here first idea in our recycling process is to make a house for your pet like dog, cat. Simply cut upper part of Tyre and Make a bed inside Tyre after opening upper part of Tyre.

recycle tyre with best out of waste
Dog house made from waste Tyre


2) Beer bottles cooler using waste Tyre

A small and best cooler for Beers in home or farm-house made from two waste Tyre is a best example for Best out of waste. Make this one from waste car Tyre and Give an attractive looks to your home.

cooler made from waste tyre recycle ideas
Beer Cooler

3) Waste car Tyre as a footrest of sofa

Now footrest become very cheap for a car holder because here is a tips for making footrest for your home using waste car tyre. A easy to do and very useful in day to day life from whom are came home with too much tiredness.

footrest from waste tyre recycle
Footrest from Tyre


3) Belt from waste Bike Tyres

Eco-friendly manufacturing things from Tyre  which can helpful to people for them day to day life and belt always fit to each belly of world and if that one made from such a waste Tyre then it will lead our to recycling world.

recycling belt from waste tyre
Recycle Tyre into belt


4) Rubber tree made from Waste Tyre

I want to call inspiration tree because it inspire all the people for planting tree and don’t cut tree in forest if we can not stop to cut tree then after some year we have to watch only that type of Tyre tree all around which is not having any advantage like original one.This one made in the dutch design week at Eindhoven under Make a forest project.

Rubber tree_recycle car tyre
Rubber Tree


5) Cycle stand made out of waste Tyre

Recycle your school’s ground using waste Tyre and organize your bikes and cycle with recycling project of world and feel happy after helping world from your side.here below picture give more idea about title and description.

cycle or bike stand made from waste Tyre
Cycle stand

6) Wash basin or sink from waste used Tyre

One of the invention by bristol and bath in second chance collection is sink made from waste Tyre and  Look amazing with this Best out of waste idea of using car’s used Tyre. Now on wards sinker also become cheaper than before.

recycle used Tyre with best out of waste
Wash basin or sink from waste Tyre

 7) Used Tyre as a balanced toys for children

Recycling Tyre in favor of children. Balanced toy using used Tyre are strong enough so it’s flexible to elder also. some painting and some wooden block also require for this craft in types of  Garden decoration ideas.

children balanced toy from used Tyre
Balanced Toys for outdoor activity


8) Waste used Tyre as a planter in garden decoration

Use a waste Tyre as a planter with simple technique. put soil into middle area of any Tyre and use them instead of pot other wise make a sewing from waste used Tyre and put wooden circle such that one side of Tyre fully packed and then after fill Tyre with soil and plants plants which take less water in gardening.

waste Tyre in garden decor ideas
Garden decoration idea
waste used tier in garden decoration
Sewing Planter

9) Tyre swing in garden for children

Swing is loved by every children and now you can make it with Best out of waste ideas. Make a swing from waste and used Tyre and tie it to your personal garden’s tree or a tree which is nearer to your home so now your child can play and enjoy with no-cost and little help.

Swing from used Tyre with best out of waste idea
Swing from waste Tyre

 10) Best seat made from waste Tyre

Make a seat at any place with little effort. Use two Tyre in one seat , one for a back comfort zone and one for sitting purpose with circle pillow make it more comfortable. you can get more idea after seeing below picture.

best seat made from waste Tyre
Comfortable seat


I wish that all of you are liked my collection of recycling ideas of used and waste Tyre. Hope you all like to visit Garden decor ideas on Best out of waste ideas ::  Garden decoration DIY Ideas