How to use old Bulbs in Painting


Bulb Painting

Bright but toxic, CFL bulbs are giving best brightness, consume less energy and they are highly economical. But what happen when their life is over. You might have never thought but they improper disposal is highly toxic.

So what can be there proper management as waste? Well the answer to this question is art and craft. Why not try creativity with these bulbs and have fun and use these bulbs to decorate your home.

So follow these simple yet careful step to make fun loving bulb painting.

Step 1

Carefully, remove the bulb from the socket.

Prepare the glass for painting. Remove traces of dust or grease from the surface of the bulb by using a solvent such as white spirit. Use a soft towel like cloth to clean the bulb properly.

light bulbs art

Step 2

Wipe the bulb down with rubbing alcohol, or gently swipe around the bulb with a fine-grand sandpaper. Both actions will help the paint adhere to the bulb. Let the bulb dry overnight.

Step 3

Place a lump of tack on a table. Tack is a putty-like adhesive. Make sure the bulb is stationary by pushing its base into the tack.

light bulbs art

Step 4

Spray the bulb with a primer. This will also help the paint adhere to the bulb.

light bulbs art

Step 5

Use a brush to paint the bulb with an acrylic paint. Decorate as desired. Apply a second coat if needed.

light bulbs art
light bulb painting

Use a brush to paint the bulb with a non water-based glass paint. There are two different types of glass paint. One is a water-based paint, and the other is non-water based. Do not used a water-based paint because it will evaporate off the bulb.

You can use these type of painted bulb for Christmas decoration.

light bulbs art

Collect unused bulb paint them in bulk and use them ceiling hanging.

light bulbs art