photo frame
Easy steps to make newspaper photo frame Here are 10 easy step to make newspaper photo frame. To make easy home decor and manage newspaper waste. Step 1 Take a big page of old newspaper and divide it in half. Now take a dowel or a broom stick to roll the paper up into a tube. Using glue stick the end of newspaper...
crayon colors
13 Ways to use broken Crayons. Every house has lots of broken old crayons left over in boxes, drawers, buckets etc. Do you feel to throw these unused and broken crayons? Don’t you wonder how can we alter their use? So, here are 13 exciting ways to use your broken crayons and have fun with them. Chunky Crayons Get out your crayons...
ART AND DESIGN Creativity with art and craft is visual amalgam. It involves the imagination that is encrypted either on a sheet of paper or on a solid mass.Hence art and design gives best outcome for waste management. So craft various eye catchy stuff from waste and be environment freak. Creating Extraordinarily Emphasizes on making new and extraordinary design and art .Create innovation...

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