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Monogram wreath tutorial  from jute and ribbons is one easy gift to make for your friend who is getting married or to someone whose birthday is either approaching and for that all you have to do is follow some really simple steps .  I started by securing the jute on the backside of the letter with my glue gun.Then, I...
Give a new avatar to your cereal box. Get..set..go... 1. Cut out one side of the cereal box. 2. Pick a shape/design, and draw the outline on the front of the cereal box. Lets start with an oval/rectangle. 3. Start painting the plain side(back cover) of the cereal box. 4. Let it dry for sometime     Your cute new frame is waiting for the...
Let's recycle cardboard this summer. Make house from the waste cardboard and make your kids busy in playing with waste cardboard on this summer. Here I share best five cardboard houses,I found but you all make your own with your own idea and share your summer activity with us. Source By cutting one side from the four sided cardboard, make it...

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