Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids


Hey Friends!! As we know Christmas is near and kids may get few work regarding the Christmas Craft so lets know few great and basic Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids that are easy to make.

Paper Christmas Tree

If we are talking about christmas and working on something that relates to that day (Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids) then how can be forget THE CHRISTMAS TREE. So lets make Christmas tree first.

For making this you will need one disposable plate, glue, Green paint color with painting brush, one brown chart paper and few accessories to decorate your christmas tree. Paint the disposable plate green, let it dry. Now cut the plate in three sections in the shape of triangle as shown in the picture, and keeping the cone shape area upwards stick the three triangles together as picture shows. Also don’t forget to stick the stem of the tree.

Once you are done with it, Use the accessories to decorate your paper plate christmas tree. (Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids)

paper christmas tree
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Clay Christmas Tree

Apart from making paper christmas tree, a child can also try making christmas tree with the help of clay. You must be thinking how a child can make it. But lemme tell you its damn easy. (Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids)

So need to make a cone shape structure from the clay, but don’t keep it hollow from inside. Now with the help of the scissors slowly and slightly cut the leaves from the clay as shown in the picture. Don’t cut the whole part from the clay. but cut small sections starting from the top very gently and smoothly. (Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids)

When you finish doing this part, now you need to curl up all the leaves that you made with the scissors with the help of your fingure. Again do it very gently. Now place the cone on any pencil that you can dig in the pot. Here is your clay christmas tree ready. (Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids)


Bulb Santa claus

The sole excitement that a child have during Christmas is that of meeting Santa. Keeping this thing on mind, lets make a craft of Santa. Let’s make Santa Claus for our craft. There are various ways to make it but we will make it in unique way. (Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids)

For this you need a light bulb that is of your no use. Paint it’s glass body fully white and the upper aluminium body red. Now with brush and the paint color make the face of Santa on the white painted part. Once you are done with painting all you need now is to stick a little bowl of cotton on the head of the red painted part. Here is your bulb Santa Claus ready. (Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids)


Egg Santa Claus

In case your child is very small, then he can make this very easy Santa with the help of the egg. All you need to do is take a brown egg and make mustaches and eyebrows with the help of the cotton and stick them using glue. With the marker make the eyes of the Santa. I would suggest you to paint the egg red and white. (Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids)

Christmas Special Characters

How can we forget to make the special characters of Christmas. We are gonna make Santa Claus, Reindeer and ofcourse Snow Man. And we will make them with the bulb as we did above.

Take few bulbs and paint them accordingly the character you wanna make. You can use shimmery colors to paint to make them more attractive. (Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids)

Christmas Wreath

The next thing that we will make for our craft work is the Christmas Wreath. All you need for this a Disposable Plate that you are required to cut from center. Paint the plate with any color that you like. And then take the colorful cotton balls or the colorful pom poms. Stick them on the plate. and that is it, Your wreath is ready. (Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids)

Christmas Hangings

Christmas hangings are the cutest thing to make. Lets start from making a bulb christmas hanging. You can take any color chart paper that you like. but I would prefer green and red chart paper because christmas colors are red and green. Cut the bulb shape from the chart paper. With the help of the punching machine, make a hole on the top of the bulb so that you can tie any thread or lace on it. You can decorate the bulb with your choice accessories. (Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids)

Micky Minny Christmas Hangings

You can also take your favorite cartoon characters  to make hangings. Similarly as we did the above hanging, you have to do this as well. Cutting the micky minny structure, making a hole for the hanging and then decorating it with the accessories. (Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids)

Snow Sign Hanging

For this you need to have 3 ice cream sticks. Stick them as shown in the picture. Paint them all with silver color or you can also use the spray paint. Decorate the sticks with the stars and circle accessories and join a thread so that you can hang it. (Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids)


Christmas Photo Booth Accessories

If its about craft then how can we forget to make photo booth accessories. Rather than making, take out the print out of the accessories and to one corner of it, place the stick to hold with the glue. (Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids)

(Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids)

Reindeer Hat

Reindeer hats are most loved by the children so lets make this only. Take a brown chart paper. Trace your both palms on it and cut it out. Again cut a lane from the chart paper and join its both end. Draw or stick the face features on it and stick the palms cutting from inside as shown in the picture. Here is the hat ready. (Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids)


I hope you like these Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids. Feel free to intimate us with your queries. Have a nice day!


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