Crayon Colorful Hearts


A colorful Heart for your loved ones !!

Make Wonderful heart to your loved ones. Use simple crayon color and make colorful stylish sweet heart.

We here present some simple step to make colorful wonderful heart, and gift it to any one or use it on wall decoration.


1) You need a Knife (not to harm anyone) 😛 and crayon colors (variety of colors).



2) Now what to do with knife and color; just cut the crayon color into small pieces as much as you can. (See below pic)




3) After Above step you need to have a tray which have heart structure (See in below pic). And fill that space with your color pieces.

  After that put that tray into 230 degree and for around 15 minutes.



4) You did it take it out of the tray; and design it accordingly, make a gift box and gift them.



Some Fun Facts About Crayon Color:

1) In 1903 Binney & Smith Co. introduces the first Crayola Crayons. There are 8 colors in a box:



Crayola crayons currently come in 120 colors including 23 reds, 20 greens, 19 blues, 16 purples, 14 oranges, 11 browns, 8 yellows, 2 grays, 2 coppers, 2 blacks, 1 white, 1 gold and 1 silver. Although Crayola crayons come in 120 different colors, the labels are only made in 18, which cover the full color spectrum. Nearly 3 billion crayons are made each year, an average of 12 million daily. That’s enough to circle the globe 6 times with color!