Create Most Tiny BOW for Gift


8 steps to create tiny bow for your gift and make it look awesome.

As we go for party or celebrations and we take gifts with us, We purchase something to give gifts for our loved ones, but make it something different from others, your love must be seen in your gift too. Why not just wrap the gift by DIY ideas for wrapping your gift stylish you may found here 8 DIY Gift wrapping ideas. Now what if we say paste a bow to your gift and make it look handsome :P.

Here are few steps to create best out of waste bow and make your gift bow stylish.

1) You need a fork and Ribbon (Multiple colors will look more attractive).


2) Now what are you waiting for just pass the ribbon as seen in pic, alternate up & down side.


3) Now carrying it forward just move upward side following the second step.


4) After following 2nd and 3rd step your fork may look like this.


5) After that take another ribbon (orange color) and insert it from back side (center line) of the fork from the opposite side of it, as you may have seen it in below pic.


6) Then you need to tie-up it tight and cut it from both side.


7) Once step 6th gets completed after that our fork will look likes as shown in below image (from back side).


8) That’s it done, now you can paste it in your gift and sure you can gift it to me. 😛


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