Creative party decoration with balloons


Balloons are center of attraction of any type of party. Let’s do some creative stuffs with balloons in your next party and make your party more beautiful with only balloons . It’s totally low budgets ideas and also amaze your guests.

Creative use of balloons with party glass to party decoration. Here is an amazing ideas of party decoration and is mostly used in Kids party decoration. Get an idea and apply them for a great party with only Balloons.

1) LED Balloons for Party decoration

For Homemade LED balloons, Take a LED and stick it with small battery using sellotape. And after blowing balloon put it at end of balloons and tie balloon at that end and Switch off lights of party-room. It looks amazing as shown in below picture.

Homemade LED For Balloons
DIY LED for Party Balloons
DIY LED Ballons in kids party decoration
LED Balloons for Party decoration

2) Pumpkins faces on Party balloons

Blowing Balloons is for a simple party but pumpkin’s faces on party balloons looks great in your kids’s party. Here is a simple example for design , you can make whatever you like.

pumpkinfaces on balloons for kids party decorations
Pumpkins faces on balloons


3) Use of exploded balloons in party-decoration

Here, I have two use of exploded balloons while blowing. one with return gifts packing another one with serving glasses. Tie those waste balloons with leg of serving glasses or use them to decorate returns gift of party.

Balloons with party serving glasses on party decoration DIY ideas
waste Balloons on party decoration ideas
Balloons with party serving glasses on party decoration DIY ideas
Gift wrapping ideas with waste balloons


4) Light weighted balls or balloons in party decoration

Here balloons are in different look .In this idea, light weighted balls cover with aluminium foil and after that colorful wrapper and finally tie it with cups. so that finalize decor idea looks great in kids party.

party decoration for kids using balloons-balloon creativity in kids party
Different way of hanging balloons
Hanging balloons in kids party decoration
Hanging balloons in party decoration


Get more creative ideas for kids projects here.

5) Different shapes using Balloons in kids-party

Take same color’s balloons and then blow them so that they look of same size after that using end,tie them and make required shape from those balloons. Here are some example for kids party decoration. Here in next picture, monkey which is hanging on tree made from different colored balloons.

party decoration ideas for kids using ballons
Kids party decoration ideas


ballons kids party decoration ideas
Balloon tree in kids party decoration


party decoration ideas for kids
Flowers made from balloons


6) Transparent balloons decor ideas

Make some decoration with transparent balloons and make your party colorful in cheapest way. here is make some shapes from glitter paper and put them into clean balloons so it looks amazing and make some colorful strings which is attached with balloon’s bottom part.

Transparent balloon decor ideas for kids party
Clean balloons converts into colorful balloons


 7) Kids candy and cone using balloons

As a welcome gift of party, you can make a candy or cone using balloons and if you don’t have any toys then kids also like this ideas and they see those balloon’s candy or cone as a toys. Make candy to wrap balloons with transparent waste plastic and then attach stick at balloon’s bottom part. Make a cone using waste magazine.

party decoration ideas for kids using balloons
kids cone from balloons


candy made from balloons in kids party decoration ideas
candy made from balloons


Hope all of you like above collection of party decoration ideas for kids using balloons. Use those ideas in your children party and make your party more successful and attractive and all those ideas are very cheaper and Best out of Waste crafts so that you can easily apply it to your party.




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