15 Amazing Diwali Decoration Ideas For Office That You Didn’t Know

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As we know that Diwali is near and everybody of you must be busy with gathering Diwali decoration ideas for office.

It’s easy to come up with informal décor ideas but a little difficult to come up with formal ideas. So let’s gather some Diwali décoration ideas for office.

Before starting let’s keep in mind that the Diwali décoration ideas for office must not carry the much informal look and it must contribute to an elegant ambiance.

Also don’t forget the essentials areas of office and make sure your décor includes- lightning, rangoli designs, fragrance, lighted hangings, flowers and diya’s because Diwali is all about these.

So let’s just start-


You can decorate it with some flowers flowing on the stairs by giving them some decorative design.

Also, you can put some lamps on the boundary of stairs. Don’t use diya’s as wind can blow them.

This is first idea in diwali decoration ideas for office.


It’s the first place that every being will come across so keep it simple and sober. Don’t use many hangings, decorate the desk with the flowers and lights and make sure there is the presence of God sculptures for the positivity.

Make sure the lights you use are of led and not diya’s as fire can harm the paperwork. Keep it safe!


If there is any spacious or open area at your office then again that can be utilized in a better way. The best thing to do is make RANGOLI.

Let’s make it colorful and bring some light. You can either use flowers or colors for it and you can enhance it with some candles or diya’s.

The best thing to add on in your Rangoli is the water bowl that contains the floating flowers and also the floating diya’s.

While at the same time you can write “HAPPY DIWALI” with the help of some disposable glasses as the way “GOOGLE” is written down here in the picture and put some lightning around them.

Make sure the rangoli is not made in an area of the way of passage so that it’s protected from getting destroyed.


Now here comes the main area of the office i.e. the department area where employees sit. As it’s the working area so try not to fill it with all the decoration mess. Keep it attractive, bright and with add a light fragrance.

 Use small lightning hangings falling from the ceiling. It’s totally okay if not all hangings are lighted ones.

 Use flower line at the edges of the desk and with some led’s on it as shown in the picture.

 You can also use the Diwali wishing poster in your department as well.

 Use the table lamb for decorating your working desk. You can decorate it as well. It’s the elegant and calm part of desk decoration.


 You can also use candles that are protected by the glass for your working desk. Make sure the candles are the “SCENTED CANDLES” because normal candles smell like warm wax and scented candles give a soothing fragrance.

 Also, keep in mind that you don’t use different fragrance in a department because all fragrance mix up and give uneven fragrance that isn’t soothing


 If you want to use diya’s in the department over the corner of your desk then use the led’s that comes with the diya shape because I would prefer the minimum use of fire inside the departments cause it’s unsafe, and also the LEDs don’t blow up and lasts till you close them.


 Avoid using long decorative hangings that one can easily touch and that acts as an obstacle.

Also, avoid using shimmery hangings and balloons because you are not decorating for any birthday party.

 Strictly avoid enhancing your desk with an open unprotected candle on it. It is harmful as it can cause a fire.

 Avoid using a different kind of hangings at the same place as it will create a mess and won’t look good. Use a single design of hanging at a place or at an area. Prefer using hangings that directly relates to Diwali as OM SIGN or DIYA’S.


So you need to take different décor idea for the windows that are inside the department and for the windows that are in the open area or in the corridor.

As bright light led’s of different color can’t be used in the department window as it may cause distraction or irritation to people while working. So rather using that we would use calm and still decoration for that.

Either you can use these balloon led’s as they doesn’t come with bright light and it’s basically for office.

It’s better if you don’t fix the lights at a blinking function as it may cause the distraction. You can use these for a big window and also you can add some hanging lamps at the corner of windows.

If the window is at little distance from the seat of an employee then you can use colorful led’s but again don’t put them in blink functioning.

As the LEDs are hanged on the wall, in the same way, you can hang them on the window.

For the morning you can use the crystal hangings. It will be cool if you buy colorful crystals.

Also, for your window as LEDs does not look great at the morning time.

Also, you can use some window hanging LEDs. If you want to be more decorative then you can use different shape hangings.


In case you want to decorate your corridor window then you can enhance your decoration by adopting some new ideas.

Use some light clothed curtain and hang some lights on them.

Once you are done doing this then hold few led’s along with curtain and tie them at the middle of the curtain.

Tie more curtains and it will look as shown in the picture down here.


This will look awesome in a big window

 Diwali decoration ideas for office

If you prefer using only lights then make sure you are using full-length lights on your big window as shown above.

 Diwali decoration ideas for office.

Also you can use flowers with led but again it will look better if you use them in full length.

 Diwali decoration ideas for office

If the entry in your office is made up of glasses then you can use this Do It Yourself Idea to make it look better.

Use a different color of fallopian sheets on the glass because it will reflect multiple colors. It’s kind of the simplest and beautiful decoration.

Even you can use it for the decoration of the window.


  • Don’t confuse yourself with the props that you are using and the colors you choose.
  • Don’t leave your cafeteria, decorate it with the hangings and led’s.
  • Don’t forget to apply these Diwali decoration ideas for office.
  • Safety comes at the first place so try to avoid fire kind of things in the department.

I hope you will like the Diwali decoration ideas for office and I believe it will help you out. Please feel free to intimate me in case you need more suggestions.

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