12 Best Diwali Gift Ideas That You Should Follow in 2017


Finally the most awaited festival of the year and one of the most loved occasions of India is about to come in just a few days.After posting Diwali decoration ideas this article is about Diwali gift ideas.

Diwali is a festival of sharing and celebrating with our loved ones.

And the selection of gifts is one of the tedious but best parts of Diwali celebrations.

Are you planning to gift someone this Diwali?

Then you are at the right place.

I am sharing here some of the best Diwali gift ideas that everyone will love.


diwali gift ideas
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If you planning to gift something for your parents this Diwali, then candle holders can be the best choice.

One can definitely go for traditional candle holders if concerned about the Diwali gift ideas.

Candle holders are totally a festival item as they enhance the beauty of candle and add up some into the decorations.

You can also make candle holders at home with just some creative skills. Or you can just recycle some old candle holders in your own unique ways.


diwali gift ideas
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 If you wish to give Diwali gift for your brother or sister, then travel accessory is a good idea.

They are definitely going to love it.

You will agree that travel gear gifts are right up there on the top in terms of a cool quotient.

And if you want Diwali gift ideas for one who loves to travel then travel accessories is the best option you have.

You can gift backpacks, luggage bags, camera accessories, travel pouches, baby carriers, car fridge and much more. You can surely add this to your useful Diwali gifts list.


diwali card gifts
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A card game is one of the traditional games people use to play in Diwali.

So if you want some Diwali gift ideas then card games set can be the one.

This is a type of gift you can give to anyone from any age. Children love to play with cards as well as adults enjoy it too.

Children love to play with cards as well as adults enjoy it too.


diwali watch gifts
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Men really love watches. And when it is about bracelet watches you need not to think twice about them.

They are totally the one amongst the useful Diwali gifts for men.

Also, Diwali arrives just after Dhanteras so you can buy the watch on Dhanteras as jewellery present.

This way you have a gift for both the occasions. You should add this to your Diwali gift ideas list.


diwali gifts
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Diwali is almost synonymous with gifts. Presents actually are beautiful.They convey to the receiver that they are in your mind which makes them happy.

So keeping to mind their happiness why don’t gift them their portrait or painting.You can also make it by your own if you know how to paint or portrait.

It would be even better if the painting is something which is meaningful to your relationship. So don’t wait to add this to your Diwali gift ideas list.


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 Everyone in Diwali decorates and cleans their houses.People buy several decorative items to make their house look beautiful.

They also buy some wall accessories for the purpose. So if you are looking for some useful Diwali gifts, you can give those sceneries as a present.

This will add up some enhancement to their walls and make them happy.


diwali gift
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Many people usually carry around a lot of gadgets and accessories along whenever they move.

So Everyday backpack is the solution for their regular travelling problem.

Which can easily be solved if you gift them one? Besides many Diwali gift ideas, the Everyday backpack is one amongst the useful Diwali gifts.


diwali lamp
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 A table lamp can also be a great present if you are seeking for useful Diwali gifts.

It would be cool if you make it personalized by your own. Rather than some usual gift, it will light up the room.

And unlike just the Diwali lightening, table lamps can be used for a yearlong purpose. This is because one can also use them in their study tables.


diwali gift ideas
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Since Diwali is also a festival of sweets, Diwali cupcakes are the present of this festival.

Where everyone is busy in making traditional sweets and desserts you can go for something new and different.

You can follow Diwali theme while making cupcakes to remain connected with the festival. And this will be definitely the delicious Diwali gift ideas.

And in this way, you would be nailing the spirit of the festive season.


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If you are interested in doing a bit for the environment this year, you can gift your loved ones a notebook made up of recycled items.In the

In the notebook, they can scribble down their thoughts in the way they want. You can also buy some eco-friendly notebooks and that would be great amongst Diwali gift ideas.


wall hanging
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Diwali is all about home décor and wall hangings are the most important part of home décor.

As far as Diwali gift ideas are concerned  You can gift some wall hangings such as fancy wall brackets, paper Mache door hangings, Bell wall hangings, Theme wall decoration set and much more.


diwali gift
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The way we use diyas to decorate the floors of our houses, Tealight wall sconce are used to decorate walls.

Beautifully intricate Tea light wall sconces are the perfect as well as useful Diwali gifts for anyone looking to light up every part of their house.

These are really beautiful Diwali gift ideas.


diwali gifts ideas
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Dry fruits are a part of Diwali. Everyone loves to eat dry fruits and they also symbolize prosperity.

You can definitely gift dry fruit boxes to your loved ones. You can decorate the boxes by yourself.

These are also easily available in markets where you can choose them accordingly. These are definitely the useful Diwali gifts.

 So above mentioned are the Diwali gift ideas I shared. I really hope that you will find them useful. Wish you a very happening and cheerful upcoming Diwali to you and your family.

Which gifts are you going to give to your loved ones?

Lets me hear your gifts in the comment below!

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