17 Ideas For Diwali Light Decoration


We all have started cleaning up our houses and we all wonder what is the most amazing way to decorate our homes.There are many Diwali decoration ideas for your home or office.But light decoration plays an important factor.So we need new ideas for Diwali light decoration.

I think buying expensive lightening for home and decorate with them around is not a quality option. What can we do in the minimum budget and maximum creativity?

Well, try using empty glass and plastic stuff to make something creative!

Here are 25+ ideas to decorate your home with the light on this Diwali.

1.Hanging glass Diyas Light Decoration

Use the pickle glass jars to decorate your home. Use these jars and place diyas in them and hang them in your varandas.

wall hanging
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2. Shell  LED Light Decoration

Collect the sea shell and use them to decorate your ordinary LEDs. Follow these two simple step to make this decorative item.

Step 1: Drill a hole in the shells, make sure that you drill the hard portion of the shell so that it does not break.
Step 2: Now insert the LED in these holes and glue them nicely.
light diwali decorations

3. Diya holder

We celebrate Diwali as the festival of light. So we should have amazing hacks to decorate our ordinary diyas.

Here is something new, make diya hanging holder to place your diyas. What you need to is follow 2 simple steps:

Step 1: Take the cardboard box and fold in the formed cup.
Step 2: Cut hearts and place a candle in it and here you go.
diwali light decoartion

4. Cup LED Light Decoration

We have unused plastic cups which are ultimately thrown in Diwali cleaning. So how can we make them useful?

Well, we case to use them to decorate LED. Follow these simple 2 steps to make Cup LED decorative item.

Step 1: Decorate the white cup with printed sheets.
Step 2: Now make holes and fix LED bulb in them.
diwali decoration idea for diwali

5. Lace LED  Light decoration

The LED will get a royal look when paired which white net material.

Just insert the lace in the LED and give a different shine with these LEDs.

light diwali decorations

6. Bulb Hanging Light Decoration

Bulbs give bright light and this kind of light is sometimes not wanted. How can we use these bulbs in the more effective way?

Well to give uniqueness to your decoration use these bulbs.

Take light net cloth of any colour and place bulbs in these clothes. Collect the cloth and tie it together at the upper end.

light diwali decorations

7.Diwali Candle Decoration

Candles are the basic need for every family, and candles are best for lightening the house on Diwali.

Take thick candles and decorate them with kunden and beads.

light diwali decorations

8. CD Diya Light Decoration

Light get god reflection from the CDs so why not use the CDs for diya light reflection.

Decorate the CDs with fabric paint, beads and kundan work and stick diyas onto it. This will help you reuse your old CDs, also this will give uniqueness to your Diwali light decoration.

light diwali decorations

9. Woolen Yarn Lanterns Light Decoration

Make woolen yarn lanterns and use them to decorate your LEDs.

light diwali decorations

10. Hanger-Diya Light Decoration

Collect your old hanger and metal round block to make this amazing Diwali light decoration item.Follow these steps to make this hanger wall hanging

Follow these steps to make this hanger wall hanging.

Step 1: Take hanger and chains  and clip them together
Step 2: Now attach round metal pieces to the chain.
Step 3: Place diyas or small LEDs and glow them to celebrate the festival of light.
light diwali decorations


A variation of the lamps created from old paper cups, you can do the same with old egg cartons.

Step 1: Separate the loops of old egg cartons and paint them according to your wish.
Step 2: Place the LED in the middle.
Step 3: Now the final step is to clamp them together by a cardboard.


light diwali decorations

12. Plastic cup lanterns

Lanterns are many types and one such type is plastic cup lanterns. We can make them under these following steps:

Step 1: Paste the cups in a circle.
Step 2: One’s the circle is half complete insert a good bulb in it. Do not forget to wire the bulb and take the wire out from the lower portion of the bulb.
light diwali decorations

13.PAPER LANTERNS Light Decoration

Follow the Oriental style of paper lanterns this Diwali for that delicate, exotic yet beautiful decoration. You can also for the Kaipoche look with the Gujarati lanterns.

light diwali decorations

14. LED light Decorations

Use the LED light series and make a star from it on the wall. Use nails to make these LED stars.

light diwali decorations

 15. Feather LED light  decoration

Feather are easily available thing, you can use these feather to decorate LED series.

light diwali decorations

16. Ganpati Lanterns Light Decoration

Ganpati Lanterns light decoration for Diwali with thermacol and light.Make Ganpati on the thermacol sheet and paint it colourful. Attach a bulb behind and make it glow

light diwali decorations

17. Cane Diwali Light Decoration

We can turn old cane into new diyas. Follow the step and make this amazing diyas

Step 1: Cut the cane from below.
Step 2: Spread cane and cut it in the mountain shape.
Step 3: Paint the sides of the cane.
Step 4: Now place cotton balls and put oil in it. Now glow the diyas and brighten your Diwali.
light decoration

Hope you like these Diwali light decoration ideas.

Let me hear your thoughts in the comment Below!

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