How to Decorate Toran For Diwali ?


The countdown for Diwali has begun. This auspicious festival comes with a lot of preparations and decorations to be done.This is the perfect time to make Diwali Toran craft and decor your home!

A clean and beautiful entrance of our home does not only attract guests but also welcomes the Goddes Lakshmi.

diwali toran craft

Though Toran is a symbolic string traditionally braided with mango and peepal tree leaves generally and hung at the entrance door.But Here, we’re going to introduce you to numerous ways of making beautiful Diwali toran craft door hanging crafts.

1.Paper Diwali Toran Craft

A traditional Diwali toran craft is usually made with mang tree leaves and marigold flowers.

diwali toran craft

but you can use the colourful or printed paper and give it an attractive shape as flowers and leaves and make a string of them. It’s easy and unique!

2.Flower Toran Craft

The adorable flowers combined with leaves and amazing fragrance can double the divinity of your house.

diwali toran craft

Artificial flowers can also be used so that you can use them next year, but for a much more lively look, you must use only fresh real flowers for Diwali toran craft.

3.Bead Diwali Toran Craft

This kind of torans fit perfectly into the archways of doors and at the entrance of the house.

The flowers and beads are braided all together and add beauty on the doorways, pathways and windows and it enhances the festive mood!

diwali toran craft
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Different colours of beads can be used but try to use traditional colours like red, yellow and green. Large beads and flowers can be used to make them.

You can get a lot of varieties of beads in crystal, pearl etc in the market.

4.Conventional Motifs Toran

Conventional motifs toran may come with the design of swastic, Om, beetle leaves etc.

diwali toran craft
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It gives your house an amazing finishing touch. You can even cut the paper or cloth in shapes of swastic and om.

5.Thread toran Craft

Thread torans are called the classy and evergreen. Different types of threads and woollen are used to make beautiful diwali toran crafts.

diwali toran craft
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They require the excellent art of knitting and decorating and a little bit of hard work.They appear great on windows and balconies.

6.Toran Out Of waste CD’s

We all have lots of useless or broken CD’s at homes and have no idea what to do with them!

Let us learn to recycle them into beautiful crafts as wall hangings and Torans and even coasters!

You can colour the CD, glue kundans, pearls and coloured pipes to decorate it and turn it into a pretty work of art!

diwali toran craft
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Then make a string of these cute decorated CD’s and your Diwali Toran is ready to beautify your main doors!

diwali toran craft
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7.Cloth toran craft

Diwali preparations do not allow you to spend hours in making a fancy diwali toran craft, but the process of making cloth door hanging is less time-consuming.

The best thing about these torans is that they are washable and easy to make.

diwali toran craft
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you just need to make perfect colour combinations of nice cloth and cut them properly as shown in the picture. You can use laces, pearls, droplets for decoration.

8.Wooden Toran

Wooden torans give your house a classic and fancy look. These torans can be suitable for your dining and living room.

diwali toran craft
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Though it’s difficult to make such torans at home they are easily available at the market or online. These wooden torans are provided in various sizes and shapes as per the requirement. Wooden crafts

These wooden Diwali toran craft are provided in various sizes and shapes as per the requirement. Wooden crafts have always been known for their simplicity yet classy designs.

9.Crochet Toran CRAFT

An adorable door hanging can make a great decoration for your home. It is also a nice handcrafted gift. Why not make a nice decoration with this crocheted wall hanging pattern!

diwali toran craft

These Crochet torans are perfect for the balconies and verandas as it gives a soothing and fascinating look to them.

10.Bangle Toran

Those useless bangles kept somewhere in your almirah can now turn into artistic toran craft!

diwali toran craft
source: Diy old bangle DOOR TORAN

Just decorate the bangles by colourful woollens and combine them all in a single colourful string.

It is the best way of reusing the waste bangles. Must attempt to make it this Diwali. Stay artistic!

11.Toran Craft out of Plastic Bottles

Cut the plastic bottles in half and fill your favourite oil paints all over them. You can Glue the kundans and pearls to design them according to you and for a beautiful finish, boundaries can be ornamented by laces and gotas.

Once they are dried , stick them all in one string. And it is ready!

diwali toran craft
source: Diy old bangle DOOR TORAN

This is one of the best ways to bring out the best out of waste and create this gorgeous Diwali Toran craft.

Dipawali spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.We don’t just celebrate this festival, but we celebrate our lives. We wish you stay beautiful and keep beautifying your home.

We don’t just celebrate this festival, but we celebrate our lives. We wish you stay beautiful and keep beautifying your home and lifelike these of Diwali toran craft!

Let me hear your comments about Diwali toran craft in the comment below!

Keep crafting!

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