Plain walls are boring, don’t you agree? Why not give an abstract uplift to those plain white walls at home! Be it your drawing room, dining room or your hallway, this will pep up your space. You need not be an artist to make this abstract painting. Here is a tutorial to explain the step by step procedure to convert a canvas into a work of art with easily available supplies.

Doesn’t this look fabulous!


DIY Abstract Wall Art-2

You will need the following for making this abstract canvas for your wall:

Acrylic colours in red, orange, dark blue, yellow, white and light blue

Paint brushes

Masking tape

Paper to protect your working surface

A glass jar with water

DIY Abstract Wall Art-3


Step 1: Cover your working space with paper. Paint one colour vertically with the help of the paint brush. Keep the acrylic colour thick so that it gives a rough look on the canvas. Leave spaces while you colour so that you can fit in other colours.

DIY Abstract Wall Art-4


Step2: Use the other acrylic colours except white and colour in a similar manner. Some vertical lines can be thin, some can be thick. Do not dilute the paint. The water should be used only to wet the brush.DIY Abstract Wall Art-5


Step 3: Cover the canvas completely as shown in the picture. Once done, leave it to dry completely. The picture has already started giving an abstract feel to it.

DIY Abstract Wall Art-6


Step 4: Now, cut masking tape equally and stick the strips diagonally to the painting leaving equal gap between two strips. Please refer to the picture to understand.

DIY Abstract Wall Art-7


Step 5: Cover the whole painting with the masking tape. Make sure to leave gap between strips of masking tape.

DIY Abstract Wall Art-8


Step 6: Paint the whole painting with white acrylic colour. Leave it to dry completely.

DIY Abstract Wall Art-9


Step 7: Gently remove the strips of masking tape. You will start seeing how it will turn out. White lines will start showing.

DIY Abstract Wall Art-10


Step 8: And this will be the final outcome of it-your very own abstract wall art!

DIY Abstract Wall Art-11


Hope you will have fun making this colourful DIY Abstract Wall Art!