DIY Bunny envelopes

A simple diy craft work for kids


Are you bored of all those plain looking envelopes  everywhere and do you want to give them a beautiful twist , here is a simple way to add a twist to those plain envelopes and make them look like bunny for those kids you adore .

Here are some simple steps to make Bunny envelopes ,that are cute and attractive and can contain any gift of your choice .


1.First, seal all of your envelopes shut.Then, with the envelope running vertically, begin roughly sketching your “bunny.”


2.Once you are satisfied with how your bunny looks, begin cutting your envelope. If you cut just inside your pencil lines, you will not have to erase them. Remember to leave the tips of the ears intact.

3.The easiest way to make the inner (pink) part of the ears was to trace the already cut ears onto pink cardstock.This will give you the correct shape and length of the ear.



4.Then, using your pencil, sketch the outlined shape a little smaller.Cut the shape out, and lay it over the bunny ears. Adjust if needed.Use these templates to trace additional envelope bunnies and inner ears.



5.They just need a face to finish them off.Adhere a pair of google eyes, and a pink pom pom nose.Then, using a black pen- give your bunny a mouth.  Start from the center of the pink pom pom nose, and make a half circle on either side. You can use a pencil first, if you would like, and then trace it in pen.Give your bunny some rosy cheeks with a swipe of pink chalk.



Your bunny envelopes are ready .

Do comment below your ideas or queries .

Till then keep crafting .Lots of Love 

XoXo .!