DIY Cardboard Train Kid Projects


 A Train by which you can Travel your home 😛

Lets Travel in a train, Today we are presenting DIY cardboard train, Your kid train.

Yes Your kid or you may have a dream to make train, Here we are now your kid have his own train. Just follow Below steps to create “Pomp Pomp” Train.

Make your kid an engineer right now teach them this, And that too with some waste material. Creating Best out of waste train.


Lets have a look at below pic, this is how your Cardboard train will look like.



1) Here we go, Lets have our gun and bullets, no;  😛 I am just kidding we are not going for war.

We need Some colors, scale (for measurement), brush and card board (yes you need card board after all its cardboard train :P).



2) Lets have cut the cardboard pieces like shown in below pic., Make some tyre also (Not real one :P) Just cut the cardboard into circular form and combine few to make a tyre.


3) After completing step 2 (Train Body), Now in this step we will make Tyre rollers, yup you guessed it right.



4) Lets start assembling the parts and connect them as shown in pic. You are just made a part of your train. Give a chocolate to your kid.



5) Now start creating other parts also exactly shown in pic. Cut squares, long strips etc. (nut & bolts)



6) Fix the part which were cut in step 5. These part will help your train to roll.



7) Assemble all the parts combining step 4 and step 6. You have just made a train. Enjoy driving .






Please share with this your friends, You can use this as school project for your kid, Use this as a decoration in your home.

Place it near reading table or anywhere you want. Make your home best out of waste place. keep visiting we try to help you out to create more items.

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