Christmas 2013 is coming soon..and Christmas is all about decoration . I know people’s excitement about Christmas decoration. Let’s make some Christmas DIY crafts with Bestoutofwaste . This is my today’s morning craft with a less things. Christmas tree is one of the decoration part on Christmas. Let us make some small type of tree with a thick project paper.

Christmas Tree DIY Ideas 2013

Things which are needed ::


1. Thick coloured Paper(Any two color)

2. Ice-cream cup

3.  Sparkle color for decoration

4. Rounder

5. Plastic scale

6. Thread (Any Color)

7. Scissor

8. Fevicol (Any sticky liquid)

9. Pencil – eraser


Steps to create DIY Christmas Tree 2013

Take a thick paper of any two color. I prefer red and green color paper but I was using  sky-blue and yellow color paper because I already have those paper in my home. Make a round with a big radius and make a twelve part of circle. Number of parts are not exactly twelve, you can change the no. of parts.

Step 2 : Now Cut the round shape of sheet as shown in the figure below. Make sure that you are not affecting the internal edges of the circle.Christmas Diy
Step 3 : Make two cuts at the end of each part as shown in figure below Now attach those parts with the glue or cello tape. Your star is ready.Xmas-diy-step-6
Step 4: Take another colour paper and Make a cone out of it. Cut 1/4 part of the circle and create a cone.

Christmas DIY Cone
Step 5:  Create several types of Christmas DIY stars with the different colours as done earlier.  Make a hole in them at centre. Xmas-diy-step-11
Step 6: Insert the stars created in step 5 in the cone created in step 4. Arrange the starts in descending order. use ice-cream cup as base for this Handmade Christmas Tree, Your awesome Christmas DIY is ready to share on this Christmas 2013.

xmas-diy-step-13Step 7 :Apply some Glitter and buttons to make it more decorative. Your Awesome DIY Christmas Tree is ready to decorate your home/office on this Christmas 2013.

DIY Christmas Tree

Hope you will love this Christmas DIY Idea to create an awesome Christmas Tree Out of the simple coloured papers. Comment on this craft if you have any questions or quert related to this craft for Christmas.