DIY Colourful Headphone Using Nail-Polish


I love colorful head-phones and you ?? Many people in world wants that A color of them head-phone change at every next day and also I have many head-phones of different colors but is it possible to get all my-favorite color head-phone in my wardrobe ? one-day I was thinking that if our head-phone had multiple color then how was it looked? So I find a way to get that following some basic steps and I got a multicolored head-phone so that I became center of attraction of people. And I know all of you love to be center of attraction.

Let’s Make attractive head-phone without any cost because all need-able things are already in your home. Check out necessary things below.


Necessary Things ::

  • pins
  • Different colorful nail polish
  • Headphone
  • Clear nail polish
  • Medical tape

Some simple nail-polish color give your head-phone a quick look and most important thing is that you can choose your color in your way.I know that all of you definitely like this stuff.

Steps Here :: DIY-Colourful-Headphone

I Wish that all of you try out this useful CRAFT and also Share your Reviews Here. Thank you for Visiting. 🙂


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