Materials needed before  you get started :

  • Bright colours of unused cloth
  • Cloth cutter
  • All pins
  • A big Needle and white thread (as white will look good with any bright colour)

Living rooms of the houses portray the first impression to our guests.  A graceful living room not only develops the impression but also sets a certain image of the hosts in the minds of their guests.

Here are few simple ways on how can we add a touch of creativity by making the  CUSHION COVERS of our living rooms look more fascinating. Follow these simple steps:

Step1 :

Use the unused cloth left as a residue over cushions. Cut the cloth in equal sizes either you can cut six or nine square shaped clothes from the larger cloth with the aid of cloth cutter.



Take the square shaped cloth (choose bright colours of cloth)n fold it from all four sides  in such a way that the folded sides look like a triangle.

Step 3:

Use all  pins over the folded sides so that it don’t get unfolded. Further, join together horizontally  three square shaped clothes( take decent colors to make the set)  in case you cut nine squared shaped clothes, through all pins .


Step 4:

Then remove all pins one by one from each cushion, but before removing all pins of next cloth make sure  that the first cloth is stitched by the big needle  in a manner that it forms a straight line  horizontally and vertically over the cloth. Keep the set of three together. Repeat the procedure unless you reach the last cloth.

Step5 :

Your cushion covers are ready to be placed in the living room. You can put twoDIY CUSHION COVER-3

cushions together to add on the grace.