DIY dream catcher for your beautiful home



 7 steps to make your own dream catcher and give a new look to you house !! 

Wouldn’t it be nice if we have something like wind chains that has some significance too? Some people also dislike the sound that wind chains make. So here comes a dream catcher to the rescue. It is believed that in the webbed design of dream catchers only good dreams pass through and bad dreams get caught in the web. But I myself hang it because it’s so damn beautiful. It looks lovely and now you can yourself make your own dream catcher. Plus you can make it from the waste in your home and there’s your best out of waste dream catcher.


Follow these simple steps and there’s your amazing dream catcher!!


Materials to get started:

DIY dream catcher for your beautiful home-1


  • An old bangle or a similar metal frame
  • Wool/Silk thread/Jute rope
  • Some beads
  • Feathers or something to hang like old earrings


1) Wrap the jute rope (or wool) around the bangle tight and when it has been wrapped around the entire bangle secure the ends together.

DIY dream catcher for your beautiful home-2


2) Tie one end of wool (or silk thread) at the top and then wrap the thread over the circle and around. Position loop about one inch from the top and pull tight. Repeat this until the entire circle is done.

DIY dream catcher for your beautiful home-4


3) Repeat the process but this time wrap around the centre of the loops made in step 2

DIY dream catcher for your beautiful home-5


4) Complete the entire loop and repeat the procedure wrapping around the centre of last made loop making a fine web.

DIY dream catcher for your beautiful home-6


5) You can insert some beads in between the loops or use colourful wool to make it more attractive.


6) Just insert some feathers and beads for hangings at the bottom or reuse your old earrings and there’s your beautiful handmade dream catcher!!


 7) You can also make small ones as earrings or necklace !! 😀

DIY dream catcher for your beautiful home-8


Enjoy making it and chase your big dreams 🙂


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