DIY knot headband from old tee


Recycle your old tee and make a beautiful and cute DIY headband which is matched with your new dress with same color. Easy steps and very cool to wear it in this summer !!

DIY knot headband 

What are we going to make ?
What are we going to make ?

Supplies :: Old tees and some simple stitching/sewing material

Supplies & Step-1

Step-1 Remove the bottom of tee and then Cut two equal sized strips from the bottom

Step-2 Stretch both strips. Now take one strip of two and make a little fish from it.

Step-2 and 3
Step-2 & step- 3

Step-3 Now put another strip over little fish as shown in above image and then put both the end of second strip below the fish-tails.

Step-4 Take the above end of second strip and weave through it(as shown in below picture)

Step-4 & Step-5
Step-4 & Step-5

Step-5 Pull all the ends, It create knot. At last cut ends for equality.


Step-6 Take a piece from remaining tee and wrap around the ends.

It’s ready in just six simple steps. Wear this cool stuff in this summer. Share your sewing tutorial with us. Take a step-wise photos and mail us on