DIY Rubber Band life hacks


DIY Day-to-Day life hacks using Rubber Band

Rubber bands always come in handy when you want to keep things together (like your mail), but these cheap little loops of band can improve your life in so many other ways; from painting and packing, to taking photos and driving in the right direction

11.Limit your soap dispenser

A rubber band around the neck of the dispenser will limit the amount of liquid soap. You’ll be surprised to see how much you actually save;your will wash your hands without wastage.

22.GPS Mount

You can easily hold your Smartphone or GPS to your rear-view mirror of your car using just two rubber bands. It’s cheap, safe, hands-free, and easy to do!

33.Remove Stripped Screw

A wide rubber band placed between the head of the screw and the screwdriver will help fill the gaps, thus allowing you to at the very least, loosen the screw. Make sure to apply pressure and turn slowly.

44.Keep your unlatched

If you’re moving into a new house, gardening outside, or doing anything else that requires you to keep going in and out through a door with your hands full, use this band trick to keep the door open so that you can get through hassle-free.

55.Keep Clothes on Hangers

Stop your clothes from sliding off their hangers by wrapping rubber bands around both ends of the hanger.

66.Paint Brush Scraper

Scraping the excess paint off the brush on the rim of the paint can makes it really difficult to open and close. Hence put a large band around the can so that you can wipe the brush on that and allow the excess to drip back into the can.

77. Book closer

Put a rubber band around the book to keep it closed and prevent any possible damage.

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