DIY Ombre string bracelet


DIY ombre string bracelet by Pandahall

So, what is Ombre !! Ombre is the French word which mean different colors, all are shaded into each other deeply. Let’s make a colorful Ombre bracelet for our loved ones. Here we are going to make it with black and Ombre string and it gives a perfect look to your bracelet !!

DIY Ombre String Bracelet
DIY Ombre String Bracelet

Let’s collect ::

Black and Ombre/Rainbow string – Try it with other colors also, Scissors , Lighter

Steps ::

Step – 2 : bend black one from the middle ( U English letter ), Next step is to take colorful string and make loop around the black string as you can see in above picture.

Step – 3 : pull colorful string from the both ends.

Step – 4 : Now see 4th no Picture in above image – in whole weaving style you just have to use black string and wrap it around Ombre one. Take a left end of black string which first goes from the front part of the Ombre string , take it from the below of colorful string and at the end goes to right side. The same thing for right side but at the end you have to take it outside from the first black loop.

Step -5 : Pull black strings and you find one fine knot automatically.

Step -6 :  Follow 3-4-5 steps until you reach a fine length in bracelets.

Step – 7 : Now last one, knot both the end- Cut extra part of string (You can use lighter to burn it’s end )

Step – 8 : ready for gifting it to your friends on any special occasions and also without any occasions – because we know that most memorable people in life will be friends only 🙂

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