DIY POM POM Fluffy Rug


 DIY POM POM Fluffy Rug

DIY pom pom rug is like the best gift you could ever give your home. Seriously, your home is there for you everyday, having walls and a roof and heat. The least you can do is gift it an epically squishy, texture-tastic rug for the floor. And the icing on the wooly cake is that you didn’t have to buy a single thing to make this pom pom rug. You had a rug pad from several moves ago and here we used up several skeins of white, cream and oatmeal-coloured yarn from my stash.

Making pom pom

Step 1

Cut the paper towel roll in half and lay the two halves next to one another.

Step 2

Wrap yarn around the rolls about 20-30 times.

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Step 3

Slide the yarn off of the rolls and tie the loops in half with a 4-inch piece of string. (The tie string should have loose ends which you will use later.)

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Step 4

Cut the loops of the yarn to create a pom-pom.

pom pom from yarn

Step 5

Repeat steps 1-4 as many times as necessary to cover your rug.

 Step 6

Cut your rug pad into the size and shape you’d like your rug to be

Step 7

Attaching the Pom-Poms

Step 8

Cut your non-slip mat to the desired size or shape.

pom pom from yarn

Step 9

Tie the pompoms onto the non slip mat by using the 4-inch string you used when making the pom-pom.

pom pom from yarn

Step 10

Thus, repeat until you have covered the entire mat.

pom pom from yarn

Step 11

Cut any excess yarn on the back of the mat.

Step 12

Put your new rug in your favorite place and enjoy!

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