DIY Shirt Weaving Tutorial



A beautiful DIY shirt weaving, create a stylish shirt for your stylish look.

Now you can alter your simple shirt into cool awesome stylish shirt.

Follow below steps and Create your fashion.


1) Before, simple shirt, a decent good looking shirt. But we will make it awesome.




2) Look into below pic, Measure your shirt and cut it accordingly. Its very easy and mark accordingly.




3) After measuring and marking cut down the shirt from back side, just same as shown in pic.





4) Now After cutting down and diving it. roll the cuts and stitch it.





5) Alternate crosses the cuts and make them look like as per your choice.




6) Follow the step 5, your shirt will start looking like blow image.



7) Hence you have done it, You have completed your first DIY weaving shirt.




After creating your own weaving shirt, sen us your work we will post it on our facebook ( page and will give you reward for that.

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