DIY simple,easy yet beautiful handbag


8 easy steps to make yourself a beautiful handbag !!

Hello all you lovely ladies looking to do something creative !! Being woman I know the importance of a handbag in one’s life. The moment we see a beautiful handbag we are attracted to its charm and spend lot of money on it. So now we are going to do something different and make one for ourselves that is so lovely people are going to envy when they find you made it yourself. Plus it can be a perfect gift for your friend or mother or whoever you are close to. This handbag can be made using materials already present in your house and that you don’t need anymore. Try this out and you will love the handbag that is made best out of waste !!


Materials to be gathered before we get started:

DIY simple,easy yet beautiful handbag-1

  • A plate
  • Cloth
  • Ribbons or old scarf
  • Hole punch
  • A pair of scissors
  • Marker
  • Strap from an old handbag


Let’s get started!!

1) Put plate on cloth and make circle using a marker.

DIY simple,easy yet beautiful handbag-2

2) Remember to take a thick cloth for your handbag’s durability or stitch two or more clothes together. Now cut along the mark we made using scissors.

DIY simple,easy yet beautiful handbag-3


3) Now we need to make holes at equal distance. To make it easier take a newspaper and cut it as we had done with the cloth. Fold paper into semicircle then into quarter circle and so on till it appears as marks shown below. Just make a single hole on top of it and when you open it you are ready with equal space holes as shown below. Place this paper on cloth and put marks on it using marker.

DIY simple,easy yet beautiful handbag-4

4) Take a hole punch and make holes as places we already marked.

DIY simple,easy yet beautiful handbag-5

5) Take a ribbon and pass it through holes upside down as shown in figure. You can also use an old scarf that you do not use anymore!

DIY simple,easy yet beautiful handbag-6

6) Pull both the ends of ribbon so that it looks something like shown below.

DIY simple,easy yet beautiful handbag-7

7) Tie a beautiful bow at the end of ribbon to give a lovely look to your handbag. Take strap from old handbag and attach it at the sides of handbag. You can attach it on the ribbon itself to avoid making additional holes.

DIY simple,easy yet beautiful handbag-8

8)So your lovely handbag is ready now. Flaunt it with style and envy others with your skill !! 😉

 DIY simple,easy yet beautiful handbag-9


Be creative, happy and full of confidence.I hope you liked it !!

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