DIY Sprocket Pillows craft Idea From Waste Clothes


Are there a lots of wastage clothes in your cup-board ?? are there bunch of different clothes in your storage-room? Then here is a good news for all of you.

A DIY- SPROCKET PILLOW idea for all sewing lovers.

DIY Sprocket Pillow

DIY sprocket Pillows

Even you can’t believe that steps are too much easy to create this awesome sprocket pillows out of the waste cloths around you. Even newbies can play with the clothes and create this awesome craft for their kids and children to decorate the drawing room. Just you need to follow the simple steps to create this DIY sprocket Pillows.

A piece of contrasting wedges from different wastage clothes leads an attractive sprocket pillows.You only need some waste clothes and sewing techniques which takes your drawing room to an attractive and offbeat look.

Required things :

  • Different Wastage clothes
  • Sewing materials
  • Round- Buttons
  • Scissors
  • Sewing-pins

First of all collect this useful things to create his craft and later follow the simple steps to create pillow.

Steps are here :: DIY-SPROCKET-PILLOWS

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