DIY Woven Bangle


Do you have many bangles which you are not able to wear because they have lost the shine? Are you wondering what to do with the bangles lying unused because they do not match with any of your dresses? Here is a simple DIY procedure to up-cycle your waste bangles into a beautiful and chick woven bangle which you can flaunt in style with any kind of attire. You can make this woven bangle with any kind of bangles-be it glass or metal.



Materials Required:

  • Utility cord made of yarn or leather
  • Jewelry clamps
  • Multiple Bangles of same size



1. Hold the bangles in your left hand with about 5 mm gap in between each.
2. Pass the utility cord from below the right most bangle leaving a small length of the thread to be clamped at the end.
3. Weave the thread around the bangles by taking the thread above the 2nd bangle from right and then below the 3rd bangle and so on till you get the thread out of the last bangle in the left.



4. Now weave the thread back from left to right by taking it above and below alternate bangles.
5. Make sure that equal gap is maintained between the bangles as you weave the cord.
6. Repeat the procedure to weave the utility cord all around the bangles till you reach the end of the cord which you had left hanging initially.




7. Hold both the ends together and clamp them together to the bangle using jewelry clamps.
8. Make sure the clamps are fastened properly to secure the cord. Else, the woven cord might get loose.




There you have your chick woven-bangles ready in few minutes. You can flaunt it in style with any kind of attire. This woven bangle can be made to any width by changing the number of bangles you use.



Tip: Choose the utility cord in neutral shade so that the woven bangle matches with dresses of all colors.


Write back to us at to let us know how you like this elegant and simple to make woven bangle.