Do-It-Yourself Home Decorating and designing ideas


DIY-Do it yourself home decoration gives an attractive effect to your house. Give a designer looks to your home sweet home with your hands and best things of below ideas is that they are using daily waste things for home decoration and designing.

Home become more beautiful then now with a low cost and here is ideas for a designer house so that now be a designer of your house because i know that you are the only person who know about your home more than any one.

1) Brilliant idea to show your heels

heels are always liked by any women so if you design any girl’s room then heels which are hanging on wall become center of attraction so without any show-piece or any home-decor things, your wall become designer.

Shoes holder for home decorating and designing ideas
Shoes holder from old furniture strips
heel holder-shoes holder on home decorating and designing ideas
Heel holder from waste furniture strips

2)  Frame your memories using old frames

Memories of your family and friends on waste frame looks more effective on your wall than only one photo on old frame. Renovate your frames with your ideas about decorating and designing of your home. In first ideas, Store your unforgettable moments like first house, first bike’s keys on waste frame and make your wall full of memories.

old keys and old frame make such a lovely wall-piece for home decor and design ideas
Store your old keys for unforgettable memories


Home decoration and designing ideas using old frames which hanging best memories
Best Memories on waste frame


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3) Neat and clean idea for jewelry holder

Jewelry boxes are big problem in house because you have to see all boxes for your desire jewelry from your collection of jewelry. So here is a idea of holding jewelry with a transparent view so you can see them and choose between them very easily.

First idea is about to hanging your jewelry using old frame so it looks like a perfect wall piece. and second idea is to use old tea cup as a jewelry holder. Give vintage look to  your jewelry.

jewelry holder using waste frames for home decoration and designing
Jewelry holder frame


jewelry holder using waste tea-cup and dish for home decoration and designing ideas
Vintage look to your home with tea cup-dish holder

4) Colorful rug from waste-old clothes

For this handmade rug, you need quilting fabric (Which is easily available in market) as a base of colorful DIY rug. and second step is to cut old clothes into some same strips and tie those clothes strips with fabric as shown into below image.

colorful handmade DIY rag using old waste cloths
DIY colorful rug
Handmade colorful rag for home decoration and designing ideas
Rug as home decoration and designing ideas


5) Kitchen decoration and designing ideas

kitchen is a important part of home so let’s design it with some amazing ideas. First idea is about to make frame using simple canvas painting or using waste CD holder box. second one is using old jar as a flower vase in kitchen.

Frame in kitchen decoration and designing ideas
Canvas painting in kitchen
wall art for kitchen decoration and designing ideas using waste jar
Wall decoration in kitchen using old jar

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6) DIY Flower vase masterpiece

DO-it-yourself flower vase using PVC sheet and lexan polycarbonate sheet. Here Front and back of vase create using lexan sheet while other sides of vase using PVC sheet. Put daily flower into vase for a perfect masterpiece.

DIY flower vase for home decoration and designing
Handmade Flower vase


7) Wall-decoration using paper flower

Make a flower from paper as shown in below procedure and then make a festoon using those flowers and hang it on wall for a designer looks to your home. Looks great as a wall-art.

how to make flower using paper for home decoration and designing ideas
paper flower for wall-art
Design wall using paper flower festoon- home decor ideas
Designer wall ideas


A collection of home decoration and designing ideas make your house more attractive and beautiful and give designer effect to your house. Collect DIY ideas from here and apply it to your house to impress your guest.