Easy Easter crafts for kids of preschool


Easter is one of the christian festival and celebration for passion of Christ. Easter is not related to civil calendar, It’s move-able festival . Date of Easter as the first Sunday after full moon following march. Easter 2014 is on 20th April,2014. On this festival, Many Americans color hard-boiled eggs and giving baskets of candy. Here is a collection of easy and simple crafts for kids on this weekly holiday.

1) Quick Easter bunny using plastic cups

Very quick Easter bunny using plastic cup , googly eyes , some colorful foam and straw for bunny nose. You can simply made it after seeing below image.

easy and quick easter bunny craft
Quick Easter bunny


2)  DIY Wall decoration ideas for preschool on Easter festival

Tissue paper and some waste fabric is used to create such a beautiful and attractive wall decoration. simple steps are that make egg shape from tissue paper and stick fabric strips which are made from waste fabric clothes as shown in below and finale step is that stick it on glass wall using starch spray(homemade starch spray: put potato in water until water looks like thick white liquid and fill this liquid into old spray bottle). Removing method of art is only to wipe creative Easter eggs with water.

DIY wall decoration easter easy craft
Easter festival wall decoration crafts
DIY Easter wall decoration idea for preschool kids
Wall decoration for Easter festival


3) Easy Easter bunny craft using chart paper

Bunny is a very important character of Easter festival. Simply make a cone using chart paper as bunny’s body and for head and legs, first draw it on paper and then cut it.

Easy Easter bunny craft for preschool kids
Easter Bunny craft


4) Salt dough Easter eggs for kids

Procedure for making salt dough is mix 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt, 1/2 cup water and stir together all ingredients until a dough forms. Then paint them and hang it in home wherever it looks beautiful.

Salt dough Easter eggs craft
creative Easter eggs


5)  Finger bunny puppets on Easter

Make Bunny cartoon puppets using felt sheet and simple sewing technique. Any mom easily make it for your child on this Easter and It become your child’s favorite cartoon which is made by her mom.

East easter craft-Bunny puppet
Bunny Puppet

You Need : Felt sheet (in any two color) , Sewing material, Yarn


1) Cut same sized bunny shaped four piece from felt sheet (as shown in below picture)

2) Put them as shown below and sew them from corner.

3) Make a Nose and whiskers of bunny using different colored thread.

4) For a whiskers, Tie a little knot and leave one inch thread.

Easy easter craft- Make a bunny
How to make bunny puppet on Easter ?

5) Make a yarn pom pom for bunny tail as shown in below picture. Wrap yarn on finger then tie yarn in between and finally cut them. You can get more clear idea from below image.

Easy easter craft- Bunny Puppets pom pom
Bunny pom pom tail for Easter craft


Hope this collection of easy and creative Easter crafts help you and your children on their Easter craft project. Share your Easter festival crafts and ideas with me. Happy Easter…!!



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