Egg Carton Crafts- Innovative and Easy

some of the top best ways to utilize the egg carton for the craft.


Hey fellas! There are many unused things that are thrown and no one thinks anything innovative in respect of recycling them and making something good. But today lets take few minutes and manage to make few great things from EGG CARTONS CRAFTS. (Best Out of Waste) lets say we will make egg carton crafts

Believe me we will come up with many awesome and unique ideas for egg carton crafts. So before starting lets take a short tour on the things that we will make from waste egg cartons.

  • Animals
  • Mini plant pots for window (egg carton crafts)
  • Hangings (wind chime)
  • Lantern’s (egg carton crafts)
  • Christmas tree (egg carton crafts)
  • Frame (egg carton crafts)
  • Wreath (egg carton crafts)
  • Portrait (egg carton crafts)
  • Decorate your lights

So lets just start.

1. Animals

Lets keep the starting very simple. Probably making animals are the easiest thing to make. We can make many animals and here are the easiest one.


When you will see an egg carton crafts, you will see a pointy area.You need to cut it as shown in the picture.


Once you are done cutting it. Decorate it with the help of paint so that it looks similar to penguin as shown in the picture.

Use black and white color to paint the body. Now you need to take a yellow paper and cut a small triangle for the mouth and two cone shape paper for the feet. With the help of glue stick them and here is your penguin ready.

You can also use egg carton pieces to make ice on which you can keep the penguins and a blue chart paper to resemble it as water.

egg carton crafts


egg carton crafts

All you need to make chicks from egg carton are yellow color, few chart papers, black marker, scissors, glue and of-course egg carton crafts.

The process i am gonna explain you, is provided in the picture down here for your convenience. First you need to take two egg holders and then put one egg holder upside down on the other other, make sure the hollow space is  in the inner part as provided in the picture.

Now when you are done with it, you need to proceed by coloring the egg carton with yellow color and then make two little eyes of the chick with the black marker and then take a small piece of orange chart paper, fold it symmetrically and cut it in triangle shape and here is your peak ready of the chick.

Now all you need to do is to stick it in the carton. But wait its not yet done, you also need to make a wing on the head and for that , take the same color sheet as that of the carton painted and cut it in feather shape as shown in the picture and stick it on the head of the chick.

egg carton crafts

2. Mini Plant Pot For Window

All you need for this is egg cart, some mud and the seeds you want to want to sow or plant that you need to plant. So initially you have to fill the egg carton with the mud.

When you are done with filling the entire carton with mud, now its time to sprinkle seeds in it.

But remember don’t sow much seeds as the place is so small and sowing many seeds may destroy the entire carton. Here it is done.

egg carton crafts
source- countrysidenetwork,com

3. Hanging (wind chime)

For this you need carton, colorful beads, thread, needle and few bells.

At the very beginning, you need to cut the cups out from the carton (either you can use the cups or you can give a shape of flower to the cups. PAINT THEM and with the help of needle and thread, start sewing the carton cups and the beads.

If you want you can use some bells in between as when the wind will blew, the bells will make sounds. makew suew you didn’t forget to tie the thread at the end so that the beads and cups didn’t fell.

You can make this single row or you can also attach many such individual rows together.


4. Lantern’s

For this you need many egg cartons, thread, and a hanging electric bulb. You need to hold the  ending edges of the carton and with the help of the thread sew it, from top till bottom so that it extends the egg carton.

Similarly sew more at the edges of the carton. Repeat it till the time, when easily a circle could be made.

you can see the round cut made on the cone structure if the carton. Yes you need to do it, so that the light under the carton comes out and then it actually looks like a lantern.

Now when you are done with it, now here comes a task to attach the bulb with this round shape carton. So for that we have to tie the bulb with the carton. Make sure that you tie the bulb with thread very precauciously as shown in the picture

source- pinterest


Also take the thread of the same color as that of the carton color. One can make it colorful by painting the colors on the egg carton. We ask you to take thread of the same color so that the thread is not visible outside as some different color.

source- pinterest


5. Christmas tree

This is the simplest and the easiest craft to make. All you need is the cartons and the green color with some accessories and then Color all the carton boxen and then start putting them one above another , make sure they don’t fall down but still for the safety, one can make use of the glue while making christmas tree.

Once you are done making the tree, you can start decorating it with the accessories to  make it look attractive.

source- pinterest

6. Frame (egg carton crafts)

The frame could either be used as a frame for the picture or the frame for the mirror. For this you need to make flowers from the egg carton crafts. Here are the steps to make flower.

step 1.

Take the egg carton and with the help of the scissors remove all the peak from it as shown in the picture. Now you are left with the blocks that are still attached together and you need to cut all the blocks individually.

source –

step 2.

Now when the blocks are separated, you will find them in some rough way so you need to the above  surface texture and make it like a bowl shape.


step 3.

Now you need to make flower from the bowl shape block and for that cut the block from all the edges.One you end up cutting, you will end up with four petal shape wings.


step 4.

Hold the petals and squeeze them in the inner space as shown in the picture. Settle them with the help of glue. Here is your first flower ready.


step 5.

Similarly make more flowers. The inner layer of the flower is exactly the same as we made above, but for the rest of the layers you need to squeeze them a little. Make four layers and join them together with the help of the glue. Here are your flowers ready. If you want you can color them.


step 6.

Take a cardboard, and cut it either in the round shape or rectangular shape according to your wish, color it and stick the flowers on that cardboard, here is your frame ready. Now you can either use a mirror in the frame or any picture.



7. Wreath (egg carton crafts)

This is the most attractive and easy thing to make from the egg carton crafts.

This is so similar as that of making the frame. For this you need to cut the egg blocks in different designs.

Cut some blocks from the edges, give a slight cut on the above surface or you can shape them according to your choice.

color them and put them on a round cutted cardboard. Put the flowers in the three circle and here id your wreath ready.



8. Portrait

The easiest and home decor thing to make form the egg carton crafts is the portrait on it. All you need is to spread the color of your brush on the egg carton.


9. Decorate your lights

The way you gave different layers to the egg blocks, similarly you need to have few blocks of same layer , color them and insert the bulb of the light from the back part of the block. Make sure the entire light is there and stick the light with the block.


Repeat this step with all the bulbs and this is how your light will look. If you wish you can spread some glitters around the bulb.


I hope you like it. In case of any query, please feel free to ask in the comment box.


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