Silk fabric flowery homemade hairpin


Silk fabric flowery hairpins 

Silk fabric clothes are not comfortable to wear in summer so let’s make some lovely hairpins from it. Use your old silk fabric clothes and convert it into beautiful flower !! Then just stick those silk fabric flower on your simple hairpins !!

Let’s collect !!

Silk fabric in any three different sized squares, needle, Glue,eyebrow plucker

What do you need ?
What do you need ?

Step-1 Take all three sized square, bend them from middle, take a needle and using needle hold all three triangle on one another as shown below.



Step-2 take left and right ends of smallest fabric triangle and bend them towards end point of needle.  



Step -3 Follow step-2 and do same thing for middle sized and largest one fabric triangle.


Step-4 After bending down all three fabric square,it looks like below picture.


 Step-5 Now take left and right and bend it towards back side of needle. hold backside by your thumb and index finger.

Looks cute with all three shades fabric !!
Looks cute with all three shades fabric !!

Step-6 Cut extra end of fabric which is hold by your thumb and index finger, just like below picture. ( just a small triangle)

Diy-silk-fabric-flower-hairpin-7 Step-7 take a plucker and separate backside of petal from the middle, so it’s looked like below. Don’t forget to glue end of petal.



Step-8 After gluing end of petal, So front and back side of petals are looked like below image.

Front and back side of petal
Front and back side of petal

Step-9 Follow the same steps from 1 to 8 and make 8 petals, Stitch all together(or glue them) . So at the end we get beautiful fabric flower !!


Let’s decor our flower with pearl and other accessories !! It gives it brighten look !! 


Brooch is ready for converting your simple hair-clips into fantastic fashion accessories of your home. Handmade – simple and elegant one !!

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