Fabulous fabric flower – sewing tutorial


Tutorial on how to make fab fabric flower. Make it and Attach it with your dresses and give an attractive touch or else you can try it as hair bow also.

How is it looked..??

Fabric flower
Fabric flower

Take a circle shape of fabric and bend it from middle so it looks like below image.

Bend it from middle
Bend it from middle

Now again bend it from middle and try to match yours with below image.


Make a hollow space as shown below and follow direction of arrow as shown below so you get next shape.

fabric-flower-tutorial-4fabric-flower-tutorial-5Make two petals as shown above and sew them together.


Make at least 6 petals or more than that you can do.no of petals depend on size of your fabric flower .

fabric-flower-tutorial-7sew all of those petals together and for more attractive looks sew button at middle.


Enjoy sewing..!! Share your sewing project with us, mail us on story@bestoutofwaste.org