Felt Halloween Banner – Scary and Easy

The most scary banners and easy to make.


So as we know Halloween is on its way. You must be ready with your Halloween  outfit, the Halloween makeup stuff but what about the Felt Halloween Banner to enhance your home and if the Halloween party is at your place then the Felt Halloween Banner is must needed for your place.

Here are few great Felt Halloween Banner that will add on to your Halloween theme of your party.


Starting with the most simplest one where the felt Halloween Banner contains the Happy Halloween greeting. Though it is the most simplest one, but it is the must needed banner. WHY? Because its Halloween and how could you miss the greeting banner.

All you need to do is Take two color chart papers and cut out the alphabet H A P P Y – H A L L O W E E N and then tie them together in a line on a thread. make sure the alphabets you put are in the alternative color, in case you are using two color to make it look attractive.

Source- bellenza.com


This meri meri felt Halloween banner contains both the greeting and the essential characters of the Halloween Day.

Again for this you need to cut the alphabets and when it comes to what character you should use, then you can opt for the main characters of the Halloween, i.e pumpkin, witch, scary cat, spider and skull.

These are the characters that are used in this meri meri Felt Halloween banner. You can add on your innovations. But make sure you use the scary characters. You can use different colors to make it look attractive.

felt halloween banner
source- pinterest.co.in


The more scary your felt Halloween banner is, the more great it is to be. Here are some scary character used in the banner, use black chart paper to make the character because black is the sole color that is used to denote the horror.

source- pinterest


A cat with its lighted eye looks more scary and this is thing that you need to hold and merge up into your felt Halloween banner.

Take a black chart paper, cut it out in the shape of cat face. Make two holes on its eye and insert the light on it. Hang it on the wall with the lights on. See how scary the banner looks.

Source- i.pinimg.com


Here is the banner in which we will use the 3D Ghost pattern.

All you need is to tie the white handkerchief or white tissue on a tennis ball (you can use lemon ,cotton or any round shape thing). When you will tie it on, you will get a solid face of the ghost and the rest of the body of ghost hanging down.

Now you need to make eye on the face of the ghost with the help of the marker. Here is your banner ready.

felt halloween banner
Source- www.barrypackaging.com

Also there is one more way to make Ghost Garland Felt Halloween Banner. You can merely use the tissue to make the ghost and a pompom made out of the wool.

Hang them alternatively and here is the ghost garland banner ready with new innovations.

felt halloween banner
caption- www.agirlandagluegun.com


These are also the most simple hangings to make. All you need to cut the alphabets of trick and treat and stick it on the black chart paper.

You can also give a common cut to all the black chart paper as shown in the picture. If you want you can decorate the alphabets or the base chart paper.

source- www.createcraftlove.com

There is one more way to make a trick and treat banner. Cut the alphabets of the trick and treat and join them with the thread.

Now cut the pumpkins out from the chart paper and again join them with the help of the thread. Now put both the threads on the wall and here is your hanging ready.

source- ae01.alicdn.com


You can either use your pictures or the ghost pictures. Take out the print out of the pictures and stick them wither on the plain chart paper or on the printed chart paper.

Join them with the help of the thread or with the help of any attractive chain.

felt halloween banner
source- blog.chickabug.com


And this banner will be made from the cloth pieces. Take some colorful cloth pieces and cut the alphabets of BOO! and stitch them on the different color cloth. If you want you can cut the ghost and the pumpkin from the cloth and hang them along with the BOO! . And this is how this hanging is made.

source- ipinimg.com


If you have few extra printed cloth with you, then collect all. Cut them all in one shape that us long rectangular shape.
Now tie the cloths alternatively on a thread and here is your printed cloth banner ready. and this is the best banner that says bestoutofwatse.
source- cf.craftaholicsanonymous.net


Take black and white cloth. Cut the shape of a bat from the black cloth and cut a heart shape from the white to make the face of the bat. Stitch the face on the bat body and with the help of the white thread make the partition of the wings on the black cloth. Tie all the bats together in a line with the help of the thread. Here is your banner ready.

source- img1.etsystatic.com


All you need to is make the skull from the black chart paper and tie them together in a line with the help of the thread.
Keep few skulls upside down on the thread. To give it a scary effect put some branches above it with lights on it and few bat cuttings on it.
The picture down here shows how scary and perfect it is for the Halloween day.


Tell your guests from this banner to beware of the people and the people in the party because everything is gonna be too scary.

All you need to do for this banner is cut a circle from the black chart paper. Now stick a white net cloth of round shape and then above it stick the alphabets.

You can give a background of the net behind the black chart paper to enhance the banner. Now arrange them accordingly and here is your banner ready.

source- www.craftionary.net


Again you will need some printed cloth for this and a plain white cloth on which you need to either write from any marker (scary spooky happy Halloween) or you can also stick the alphabets that are cut out from the cloth pieces. and when you are done writing on the white cloth you can decorate it with the printed cloth hangings at the ending if that white cloth.

source- www2.fiskars.com

Thank you for going through it. I hope you love it. In case of more ideas feel free to tell us.


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