Floating Islands from Recycled material


“Aa Che Island” (Title in Gujarati which translates to “This is an Island”),

Open island projects are done as an open collaborative projects and in India led by Joy Lohmann, Vinesh Iyer (founder Art escape), Darryl Noronha (founder Art escape), Anshul Aggarwal Anjelica Bernal and Deepak.

The seeds of the open island initiative began in the year 2000 when Joy Lohmann made a floating social art installation at the world fair EXPO2000 in Hannover, Germany. As an artist, designer and maker, Joy has since then created several public artworks, social sculptures and floating islands to raise awareness on climate change issues and develop low-cost islands for people in need.

The final OPEN-ISLAND – idea and open-source documentation was realized in India from 2012-2014 together with Art Escape, a collective based out of Goa (2012-2015), and dartofscience.com (2014 & 2015).

Till now, 8 floating island Recycled structures have been built by the team (5 in Germany, 3 in Goa, India and 1 in Ahmedabad, India).

Open Island serves the following purposes: