Isn’t Go green thing taking a lot of troll ,so why not gift your precious person a bouquet of flowers that will never decay and will also look beautiful , here is a completely easy DIY tip to make flowers from paper in just 5 minutes .

1.Take a rectangular small sheet of paper and start making cuts using scissor in 3/4 length of the paper as shown in the picture.


2.Now apply glue or fevicol at the uncut part of the rectangle.

3.Take a small thin stick and start rolling it on the paper where glue was applied as shown in the picture below.

4.Now take a colourful tape or a thin sheet and roll it down on the part where the paper is uncut making it look like a bud .

5.Press the upper part of the paper gently making the flower bloom and repeat the same steps with different sheets


6 .Combine all the flowers made this way giving them a bouquet like look and your flower bouquet is ready .

Do comment your views and post queries if any ,till than keep crafting keep loving