“Steel cans make up about 90% of the U.S. food can market.Americans use about 100 million tin cans every day. That’s 36.5 billion cans a year.”

Hello dosto,

You may be wondering why am I giving you the estimation of the vast usage of tin cans.Friends the amount of generated waste by us,whether in U.S. A, India or any other part of world is massive and it should be our  concern to manage this waste.No doubt, we have great startups in India such as “ The Kabadiwala.com” to manage our generated waste ,recycle those tin cans in large amount which we throw off.

But can’t we contribute to waste management at our own individual level?

We can! and believe me guys I have super amazing ideas and it will be really fun while reusing or modifying your very own tin cans.

So today we will learn to make –

1:- Tin can centerpieces for the wedding table.

2:- decorative hanging tin can pots

3:- Real working speaker from a tin can

4:- Tin can creatures


➡So let’s start with the primary one i.e tin can centerpieces.you don’t have to do much just spray paint the tin cans with classy colors such as silver or golden brown and then using colorful organdy flowers decorate the edges of the can.Do this for the various different sized can.They will be amazing centerpieces for a perfect wedding table.


➡Moving on to next,it’s really simple to decorate tin can using different paint colors after doing this  wrap jute around the tin can and use adhesive to stick it to the can tightly and leave extra length of jute after wrapping to hang it .pour mud into the tin can and plant herbs or beautiful flowers in it and hang it or rather than hanging them you can also place them on any vertical wall with spaces to make vertical garden.


Now, this is something really very amazing.I know you also want to play your speakers made out of tin cans.First, You will need a speaker, you can have to extract them from your old computers. Obviously, all speakers are different and have a different number of screw casing.


The clever people at Creative had passed the cord through a small hole in the case, then soldered it on. cut it off the driver, then reattach it.


Then you need a cool casing like that of a tin can.


Using a bradawl, poke a hole near the bottom. The wire passed through this, and to prevent any jerk tie a knot on the inside, then one on the outside to cover over enthusiastic twiddling. As to put no weight on the wires, just stuck them through the holes on the driver terminals, and wrap them back round themselves. A quick test will prove this made no difference in the sound quality.   


Put inside the tin with a reasonable fit.
The Final Step – Attaching the Driver.
The tabs which previously held the driver to the box could be bent over, and then used with the original screws to secure it on the tin.


The sound is very good. It’s just a passive speaker, but it is pretty darn loud on full volume without too much distortion.



➡Besides these cool speakers, you can also make various beautiful decorative creatures out of tin cans.They are very easy to make just start by painting the tin cans according to the creature you want to make then edit its features using beads and other decorative items to make it look more lively and finally you can hang them by wrapping wires around the tin can.


Tincan bees

Guys, I hope you like this post.Any queries, comments, and suggestions are heartily welcomed.


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